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The Gnomes - silent nerf to their occurrences and reward drops!

Wow I really do agree with this post. Every Gnome weekend I get my hopes up thinking yes I might actually see some gnomes!! But nope…after spending hours today playing a mixture of PVP, explore, completing a couple of world’s challenges up to level X, and all I have had is 1 jewel gnome. I played four hours the other day and didn’t get a single gnome of any denomination, as for pet gnomes rocking horse s&&t is easier to find.

They are very streaky … dont see one forever then 4 in 5 fights … the spacing is odd. Vault keys seem diminished – 6 so far.

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336? Oh no! Why am I late to this gnome event? 3+3=6

I was referencing non vault weeks and weekends. I’ve been playing pvp consistently as my main game mode for a little over a year and a half in a top 20 guild and I haven’t noticed a difference in pet gnomes either at my personal play level or the guild as a whole. The only times I see some dips are when less players are playing pvp. Sometimes the drop rate is low for a day or two but I’ve also had them back to back many times. If you aren’t putting up 40k pvp points a week it may be hard to see the RNG level out which I can see how that would be frustrating. I hope you start to see more pets as you play. Wish you better luck on vault weekend!

The problem is the statistics are not corrective. I’ve played cPVP to level a class, and have done enough battles to raise it from 71-92 in the last two days, just to give you an example of how many battles I’ve done. And doing the dailies (when they are worth it). And a few explores to break the monotony.
3 Vault keys. 2 of which came within the first hour. And I had 2 vault keys last event. And 4 Vault keys the event before that.
So i need one of those 37 vault keys in 3 days runs of luck to even it out. I’ll bet an uncomfortable amount of money that won’t happen. Ever.

We have not changed or altered the occurrences or reward drops from what they usually are for Vault Events.


I have only gotten 3 Vault Keys and I played too much during this weekend - 1700 Trophies.

In any case, thanks for the feedback!

Maybe u should
The 100 souls and 2 minor traitstones were a waste when gnomes were initially released
Imagine how people feel about them now