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The Frustrating Rate of Collecting Diamonds and an Idea for a new Subgame to Address It

I have an idea for a way to increase opportunities in the game to find / earn diamonds.

In the Games section, a new subgame called The Mine.
It would require a Dwarf team and a pickaxe as a weapon and it would reset every day. Every level of the mine you complete takes you further into the mine… the mine levels would typically grant shards as rewards with each mine level granting the possibility of the discovering rarer gemstones.
Players would need to earn / use gems to buy the pickaxe, which could be upgraded per the new weapon evolution tree, with each weapon bonus adding things like 5% bonus chance of finding diamonds, 110% shard discovery, reduction in cost of forging shards into diamonds, etc.
I feel this way every player would have the opportunity to bust their ass to collect the shards to improve the rate at which they gain diamonds, etc., without imbalancing them as a currency or making them solely discoverable by the power players.


The game absolutely doesn’t need yet another mode to have to sink time into.


On the contrary, not only do we need this mode, we need a mode called “Manning the Power Plant” where you click on a generator to create ‘Power Modules’ that you need for the pickaxe.


You can only click on the generator if you have collected enough clicker tickets, though.


The game is already to cluttered with to many game modes. You have dungeons and guild task that provide plenty of diamonds.

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Yes, this games has both Dungeons & Dragons.

You forgot to add the sigil system into this gamemode.

I’d like diamonds to be faster, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The devs are pretty happy with them being scarce because they are how you get a specific card. From what I gather, it took more than a year of players requesting Soulforge to get it. As-is, it takes about 9 weeks for a low-end F2P player to craft a mythic. That drops down to 4-6 for a high-end F2P player. Players who spend a lot can look forward to 2-3 weeks for their mythics. That’s… actually pretty fast and is “only” about $120/month and about $100/mythic.

Consider: the devs don’t really sell the same thing for money. $50 can get you a guaranteed mythic in 30 days, but it might be a duplicate mythic. So it’s actually more expensive to go about collecting mythics this way because you’ll very likely have to buy 8 or 9 of these before seeing the one you want. It’s worse for legendaries even though that’s $40, because the P2W player can get 2/week which comes out to about $30.

So diamonds are the cheapest way to obtain both mythics and legendaries. They’re not the fastest, but since they guarantee you get what you want they’re the best. I think the only way we’re going to see more diamonds is over time, because eventually there might be too many troops in the forge to stick to “wait on the rotation”.

Clicker tickets vary in rarity and you need mythic ones to play the mine. You can craft them from legendary in the forge though

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If you need diamonds just pick what you need :stuck_out_tongue: