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The Essence of Evil with Lycanthropy. Buff or Nerf?

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What? (some other words)


It makes this weapon even worse. The frog was bad enough now this debuff makes it even more random.


It’s not just Essence of Evil, also other troops like Magnus that apply a random negative status effect. Problem is that it doesn’t behave symmetrical like other status effects. Lycantrophy is always bad for the player, when receiving it on your troops and when applying it to opponent troops. If one of your troops transforms into random beast it destroys all team synergy, if one of the opponent troops transforms into a random beast you’ve got a fully healed and cleansed troop to deal with. This is going to be so much fun when going against high level teams like Delve.


Until it gets changed to transform affected troop into:

half the current level and traitless random beast

Whole Lycanthropy is rather a buff, than a debuff… ofc troop gets transformed into something random (which might be less usefull than original one), but it gets fully healed (and armored) and keeps all traits…

I can imagine situations where i’d like to cast lycanthropy on my own troops, just for the full heal effect provided by transformation…

But even if Lycanthropy gets changed that’s a direct nerf to Essence of Evil… each turn has a 10(15%?) chance to basicaly cleanse all your debuffs and heal your enemy… if at least enemy level was reduced and no traits would be kept… than it wouldn’t be so painfull, but still… basicaly this one status changes S-class hero weapon, into unreliable rng-affected F-class trash weapon… no point using it in any setup :confused:

I can’t, even controlled transformations aren’t used, like werewolf-villager and that’s the most controlled. umberwolf-vampire-batswarm is too random to be reliable.
Beastmaster Thornbern would be a great troop but nobody in their right mind will use him, cause he has a decent chance to turn into something useless junk.
Transforming your troop into a random beast is just insane.


I prefer my almost-dead troop, to transform into something healthy, and tank more damage, before my backrow finishes off the enemy. so yeah, i can imagine a scenario, where it would be usefull.

I use them quite often. Only in arena, but Villager is one of my top picks. Other than that, nope, dont use transformers.

But would you spend your turn on the small chance of a transformation? I’d rather collect mana and hope that almost-dead troop survives for another turn than use a spell that has a very low chance to transform it into something healthy.

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it all depends: if i had another troop, that could “bite” his ally (= steal life + give lycanthropy status) i could have gone with it… but such troop should exist in 1st place… maybe even start with a beast team, with Willow to boost all beasts

Anyways. Applying lycanthropy to enemy (as it is now) is handicaping yourself… especialy vs high lvl enemies…

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I don’t understand how this is even a question, this is hands down the worst debuff to have ever been made and it completely breaks one of the most reliable weapons in the game.


Still unlikely to help. You don’t want this on a troop at almost full health, because it might transform into something useless the very next turn. You also don’t really want this on a troop at next to zero health, because it might not transform any time soon, or even at all, especially if you have Orpheus medals equipped. That’s really an extra level of the game working against you, even if you desperately try to somehow make it work, any cleanse effect (which is supposed to aid you) will mess you up.

big nerf to EoE, there’s a reason why you don’t want to cast TPK…thank you devs


Only if you keep it’s category as “debuff” not “a buff” :stuck_out_tongue:

But, getting back on topic → it’s pretty much nerf to EoE… almost feel we should ask EoE should not apply this status effect at all…

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Maybe we should ask for the last “upgrade” to get changed. From “10% chance to turn target into a Frog” to “No longer applies Lycantrophy as part of all other debuffs”. :smirk:


@Saltypatra THIS PLEASE

I’d prefer they come up with a Gnomethropy instead of Nerfthropy :nerd_face:


A chance each turn to transform into a random treasure gnome that drops loot? Sign me up. :smirk:


Oh, I don’t know that weapon anymore.