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Is Lycanthropy the dumbest idea ever?

… Or the second dumbest idea ever?
A clear cataclysmic design of what happens when the combine play time of Gems of War staff is maybe… At best…2 hours a week.

I’ve done my best to avoid it since the update. Being the fool that I am. I thought it was reserved for those who “choose” to use Essence of Evil for now. (Or any troop that causes a random status effect.)
To a certain extent I suppose I still made the choice to use “a random status effect” troop in the arena just now.

  • of course the 4th troop was close to dead before the transformation.
  • of course out of all the negative status effects Lycanthropy was chosen.
  • of course a Mythic stat beast would be chosen
  • of course a worthless Mythic beast would be chosen so the dev fan boys/girls can be "What’s the big deal here, that troop wasn’t going to beat you. (Completely ignoring the extra time needed to defeat the extra stats from the opponent.)

In a better Gems of War. Lycanthropy would have no place in the Arena. But I’m sure that’s just the first mode of many modes I feel that way about in regards to Lycanthropy.

Lycanthropy can’t be all blamed on lack of actual play of ones own game though. Development pressure is clearly in play as well. The notion of every major update has to give us “Something” (other than new microtransactions). Well in this case… Nothing would of been better then something. At least nothing doesn’t severely nerf Essence of Evil. 🤷



At least you got a funny screenshot out of it. Arena Aurora, there’s a nice ring to that.

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And Spoiler Alert

…it’s not even going to make the Campaign that centers upon it interesting or more fun.

Like, at all.

So it was a less than worthless “addition” to the game.


I may be alone, but I don’t dislike the idea behind Lycanthropy. :woman_shrugging: But, there are two things I’d like to see changed:

1: The new beast enemy should retain the health stats of the original enemy. A negative effect should not result in a full heal.

2: The art needs to change.

There was another thread where I joked it looked like placeholder art. As a dev and not a designer, I sometimes make quick mockups just to get an idea across. I use bad art to do so. It’s not meant for release, it’s just meant for internal purposes to discuss. An actual designer makes it look pretty and my stuff (thankfully) never sees the light of day. Anyway, I think this art is a placeholder that was accidentally released, or there wasn’t time to do actual art, or there wasn’t anyone to do it. No one can convince me this was intentional.

I do disagree with the other thread where people think stock images can’t be used. They have a license, and that part is fine. It’s just… this is bad art. :woman_shrugging: The werewolf part, fine. But why the white background? Why does it look like a sticker? It doesn’t match the other art in the game, hence why I think it’s a placeholder.

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It is something new and sounds at least intriguing. IMHO, just wait for a full implementation and some patch adjustment and see how it actually works and fits into the overall mechanics. So far, it does not seem that bad and might be interesting. As of right now, it is only random but I presume there will be some less random means to use it in the game. I do wish the chance was higher, 15% (?) is a bit on the low side.

It is fully implemented and already released.


It’s a “debuff” that is put on enemies. Right now the only way to get it onto enemies is via random debuff. In the future, there could be troops that specifically put this debuff onto enemies.

Based on your post, I don’t think you understand the problem, which is: the majority of players actually don’t want to put it onto enemy troops.


I guess your essentially right. It’s not a “negative status effect”. It would be fine if only certain troops could cast Lycanthropy like only certain troops can target other troops to transform in the first place. It’s due to the fact that they decided to classify it as a negative status effect is what ruined it before it even came out.

And what goes along with my OP. This happened because they’ve become so ignorant to the actual game play of GoW. And instead just see Lycanthropy as something new to throw in the fire. With zero care how it’ll effect the fire as a whole.

I will only refer to that image as StockenWolf™ until they invest more than the 0.0000000000000000000001$ licensing fee into an image.


Did 505 Games acquire Infinity Plus 2 or did Infinity Plus 2 acquire 505 Games? :face_with_monocle:

As in…you can’t make 9 digits as a company and show up to work with holes in your shoes anymore. That shit isn’t acceptable. You’re held to a higher standard due to the money you made. Them the breaks devs.


I am sorry, did I miss some game-wide poll that indicates that it is indeed so as you said? :wink:

I think, it is not a very good idea to acknowledge some problem which actually might not exist. All I wanted was to express my opinion on the subject. I don’t think your reaction is entirely adequate or justified.

Isn’t the white background the moon?

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Should it be classified as a positive status effect? There are no neutral status effects AFAIK. Well, may be this is the time to introduce one, IDK.

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It basically gives Essence of Evil a self cleanse rate of 25% when you cast it on an opponent. Even less effective if you target the first troop with Essence of Evil and it’s fully upgraded.

I won’t assume you read my previous comment on the matter so I’ll say it again here.

Transform by nature is neither a positive nor a negative “status effect”. (Too situational to be defined.) It’s just a standalone mechanic that the devs have done an injustice to by trying to reclassify it for gimmicky reasons.


And, what’s wrong with that? I still fail to see the point. EoE is one of those brain-dead weapons, which you cast to win and forget about it, IMHO. Maybe it is time to actually try and start playing the game instead.

You asked basically why do a majority of players dislike Lycanthropy. Because a majority of the players enjoy Essence of Evil. I answered your question. You’re the strawman or the minority. Cool. :+1:


It should have been something that is randomly cast to either the strongest opponent or weakest ally at the moment it is cast. Maybe that will be the case after they introduce buff the magic dragon as the new mythic…

Are you telling awryan to “start playing the game”? I’m pretty sure he, and I, play more than you… a lot more. I am honestly just assuming there, but it’s a pretty good assumption. I can say that I speak with a good deal of experience when it comes to my opinion on Gems of War. Here are my “credentials” in case you need them:

  • Hero level 1576
  • All classes leveled to 100
  • All factions at 2500 renown
  • All Kingdoms at max power level
  • All troops owned, max level, fully traited
  • I’ve been in the same guild for 883 days now with a total donation of 392 million (that’s an average of 3.1 million gold donated every week).
  • Average ~1575 trophies per week
  • All achievements on Steam/Google Play
  • 7194 game hours recorded on Steam (a lot of idle time, but it makes up for the thousands of hours I play on Mobile that aren’t included there)

So when you tell someone like awryan, and myself (because he has all of the above and more), to start playing the game instead of critiquing aspects of it, you better be able to back up where you’re coming from.

Essence of Evil is a fantastic weapon. It’s one of the best class weapons available. But the final upgrade on it (Hexed: 10% chance to transform first enemy into a Giant Toad) triggers -after- everything else has been applied, which means all the negative effects you’ve just applied (if you use it on the first enemy), are removed, because the enemy is transformed into a Giant Toad with no negative effects.

Here’s the most basic scenario possible that highlights just how stupid that is:

Imagine the first enemy is a Giant Toad, and you want to shut it down so it can’t move any of your troops around (by pulling them to first position). So you target the enemy’s Giant Toad with Essence of Evil. Now it is silenced, stunned, frozen, entangled, poisoned, bleeding, burning, diseased, faerie fired, death marked, webbed, hunter’s marked, and cursed.

Now what if Essence of Evil actually read: “10% chance to do nothing?” Well, that’s what the Hexed upgrade does. There’s a 10% chance to transform the enemy into a Giant Toad -after- everything has been applied. So now the enemy is… exactly the same in our scenario. But NOW, there’s also a chance for the enemy to transform into a Beast. And when troops transform, they do not carry any effects with them.

That’s the opposite of what I want when I use something like Essence of Evil on an enemy. I don’t want them to transform into anything else. I want the original troop with all of the debuffs on them.


OH GOD IT IS. :woman_facepalming: I seriously thought it was just a random light grey circle to make it look like a sticker. No idea it was a moon.

This adds to my original statement that the art is bad. This can’t be intentional. No way. …Right? Right?


Years ago (before your time padawan) they realized what a bad idea it was to have status effects cover troops beyond identity. So they are severely limited in the space they have to work with. Anything they used is going to look like a sticker.

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almost 100% correct there, thing is, Hexed transform and (any other unfriendly transform) reduces affected troop lvl by half… Lycanthropy does not do that… :frowning:

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