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The Crazy Ones | PS4 Guild | Top 110 Guild Wars | No Reqs

Hi there,

My PS4 guild The Crazy Ones is looking to recruit active members. We have only ever had 5 active members but have been able to climb to Bracket 11 in GWs, #329 in total trophy leaderboards, and guild level 106. Just me and one other member alone donate roughly 3.5M gold to the guild weekly.

We are really just looking for active players since we have 20+ open spots. I have been a member and then eventually guild master for over 700 days now and would really like to keep the guild alive. This is the first week in months we haven’t gone up 20 slots in GWs and it is clear we have hit a wall.

So I know there are a lot of high tier guilds recruiting but we have room for growth and don’t ask much of our members. If you are at all interested let me know. Additionally, if you are a lower ranked guild in GWs, given our space I would be happy to bring in your entire guild, and give the guild master a leadership position. So definitely let me know if you are interested in a merger as well.

Happy matching,

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