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The Crazy Ones: No one wanted to join so let us join you

Hi there,

I posted to this board a week or so ago to get some new members but there were no bites. So sadly, I am looking for a new guild for myself and 3 other players currently part of the 11th bracket guild The Crazy Ones as we can no longer grow with the limited players we have.

I’m level 1000+ and can hit whatever your guild’s reqs are, each week I donate ~2.5M gold to my guild, 800+ trophies, 1500 seals, 45k+ guild wars points. Our second highest is also level 1000+ and gets 1M gold, 300 trophies, 1500 seals and 45k guild wars points roughly. And the other two are level 400+ and can get standard weekly reqs for most guilds.

We would prefer to merge into a higher ranked guild with more people, but we are trying to stick together if we can. We’re looking for a solid guild of active players with a guild level of 100+ and statues like 50+ at least, and in a higher bracket of gw.

If your guild has the spots please reach out to me on the forums or feel free to message me on PS, my PS ID is YoungsterJoey218. Let me know!



Sent you a psn message :+1:

I hope you get into helping casper out, quimby is a great guild.

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Currently in discussions Dan :grin:

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