The AI cheating since the economy hotfix is absolutely insane

Console puzzle board code is identical to the mobile version. And hasn’t been updated since initial release.

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Precisely why they should go examine what their changes did to it, because it’s severely different from just a week ago.

When you start tinkering with numbers in programming, it can cause unforeseen problems.

When I said “hasn’t been updated since initial release” I meant to convey that no code or numbers have been tweaked in the last week.

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Do you have access to the code?

I do. Hence my certainty.


I’d point out that not everything comes from the game code, like the server data or that other things effect the game board that aren’t in the coding of it specifically, but it’s useless arguing with apologists.

One a happier note, about 12 hours after I posted this (about the same time they fixed the Magic key glitch) the game has improved. It’s still a little streaky with the cascades and the AI Mana-generators still bunch 80% of their created Gems, but it’s now enjoyable to play again.

@505GamesSupport You guys fixed the Magic key glitch, but now every personal Task that rewards Iron keys is giving none.

I just went to my PS4, and finished a guild task that was supposed to award 4 iron keys. I got the 4 keys properly, so I don’t think there is an issue with that.

Try it on the Xbox. Those sort of tasks award nothing now. I’ve done several and it’s the same every time.

I just played it 2 minutes ago on Xbox1, and the guild task for 4 iron keys worked without issue.

I just finished a key task on the Xbox One and it gave me the keys


My above post was a mistake and edited, I meant personal Task (win 20 invasions & use 20 Iron keys).

Guild task give iron keys now. But the use 20 keys task is still bugged and you get no reward…

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I didn’t even notice that you were talking about guild tasks. No the problem I was referring to was personal tasks such as:

These award nothing since the Magic Key ‘bug’.

I know, it’s annoying especially when you get the 20 Iron key Task at a time when you are trying to save them up. Getting 5 back would be very nice.

At least Tributes are better, giving tons of Gems and Keys now, when they rarely would before the “Economy Hotfix”.

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@TaliaParks I haven’t gotten ANY tribute of any kind in a long time.

Tribute is always random - unlock as many kingdoms as you can, and raise their levels to increase your chances of getting tribute.


Tribute is random? I am able to collect it hourly.

What you get FOR Tribute is random, is that what you meant @Mr.Strange?

What you get FOR tribute, for each kingdom, is fixed.
Whether or not each kingdom actually gives you tribute is determined randomly. This chance is calculated each time you collect kingdom income, which is up to once per hour.

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Yeah, this time I made the mistake of not being clear.

What I meant is exactly what you said.

Okay, I don’t care what anyone says - mana surges are broken. I played a round last night where the AI got mana surges on the first 10 turns in a row! Then, one move without a mana surge, followed by 5 more in a row. Seriously? My chance of mana surges in in the mid to high 30% range, from being in the #2 clan on Xbox. But the AI is darn near 100% lately. How can this be explained?