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The 3rd GoW Forum Fantasy Series - Round 2: 2 vs 7

Welcome one and all to the Gems of War Forum Fantasy contest, series 3! Everyone is welcome to vote in each match and your vote will determine who wins and advances on to the next round. Here are some guidelines to follow when deciding on who to vote.

  • Vote according to your own rules. Is it a best of whatever? Is it Player vs Player or AI vs AI? You can choose, but always assume it is a fair fight.
  • Each troop and their rarity will be listed below. For exact stats, a link will be provided using @Lyya’s fantastic database application so you can see exactly what each troop can do, how strong they are, and other bonuses they may receive.
  • All troops are fully traited as well, so keep this in mind as it may not be reflected in the list.
  • The brackets follow those used in the NCAA March Madness. So the winners from the following will face each other: a) 1/16 vs 8/9, b) 2/15 vs 7/10, c) 3/14 vs 6/11, d) 4/13 vs 5/12 followed by the winners of (a vs d) and (b vs c).

With that, let’s get onto the matches!

Second Round: #2 Studs vs. #7 Bobomb

User: @Studs

Banner: Banner of Song (+1 Yellow Match, +1 Green Match)

Troops and Position:
Archon Statue (Legendary)
Mercy (Epic)
Dryad (Rare)
Paladin (Legendary)



User: @Bobomb

Banner: Abyssal Banner (+2 Purple Matches, +1 Red Match, -1 Yellow Match)

Troops and Position:
Golem (Rare)
Infernal King (Legendary)
Sheggra (Legendary)
Green Slime (Epic)


  • Studs
  • Bobomb

0 voters

POLL ENDS: THURSDAY 6/16/16 at 12PM Central Time

2 VS 7
4 VS 12
9 VS 16
11 VS 14

Good luck one and all!


The armies of light came ashore to the sight of the Broken Spire still smoldering.

The mangled skulls of Gob-chompers could be seen here and there. Of the giantkin there were no signs. It was as if a great inferno had scoured the craggy cliffs clear of the massive folk.

It seemed that the vision the angels had seen was indeed becoming real. What fell force could so devastate the brutal denizens of the Spire, but the living volcano, Sheggra, and the might of the immortal lord of the Inferno? There was no room for doubt, fear or hesitation. The daemons could not be allowed to claim a new foothold here, at the primal centre of the known world, just across the sea from the technological seat of Adana and beyond, the holy land of Whitehelm. They had to be faced, here and now. Should the armies of light fail, the raging fires would surely spread, wild and unstoppable, turning lush green lands into charred and barren wastes.

The angels had devised their battle strategy carefully. The armies would be lead by the Archon Statues, moving embodiments of strength whose resistance would be the army’s shield. While the enemy attempted to wear away at the stone soldiers, the angels, led by the archangel Mercy would channel their magic to the Dryads and then to the Paladins, who would provide the holy firepower to smash the infernal minions to dust. The Dryads and angels would attempt to stave off the blistering flames in order to carry the day.

Half a day passed as the army marched and flew towards the heights of the Spire. Reaching a steaming, fetid plateau midway up the Spire, Mercy motioned for them to halt. She could feel an overwhelming presence closing upon them. They would take up positions and make ready. As the army moved to do so, an avalanche of boulders came down the mountainside. But what’s this! The boulders that landed on the plateau began to sprout arms, legs, spikes and horns. Golems! From everywhere at once, the plateau began to glow a sickly green. It was a trap. Oozing up from the ground, the Green Slime threw off a malevolent glow. As the army stood, knowing not where to throw their gaze, Mercy suddenly looked up. There, a shadow began to take shape in front of the sun. Growing larger, it gave off its own light, yet instead of being warm, it simply burned as if your very soul. The Infernal King was there, riding the blood red wurm. The battle to defeat the immortal one, and force him back to the blasted, blighted lands he came from was about to begin.

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There goes bobomb blowing people away.

Quick look at how this battle will actually play out:

Mercy fills Dryad, Dryad fills Paladin and gives him Barrier, Paladin one-shots Golem. Golem’s armor reduction is a little scary at first glance but it’s not an honest threat. He’ll be off the board before he ever casts a spell. Maybe he casts it once, but he still gets one-shot whether it’s 29 damage or 33. Green Slime also gets one-shot from my Paladin, and my team fills super fast thanks to Mercy and Dryad plus the low-cost Paladin. I’ll likely be able to take Bobomb down to just Infernal King and Sheggra before he accomplishes much of anything. Worst case scenario he gets off one skull spam.

But why do I care? He’s got a skull-damage team against my legendary Archon with Stoneskin and 57 HP. IK does 8 damage, Sheggra does 6, and they both take a while to fill up. I ain’t scared.

I can tank his skulls for a long time, and he’s going to be pretty slow to fill his mana with just IK and Sheggra. Meanwhile, my Paladin can take down Sheggra in two-shots and he has no way to stop it. Then he’s just left with IK. Annoying, but hardly a match, especially alone and when against Barrier.

Bottom line is that he’s a skull-focused team and I have a very tanky first troop with Stoneskin. Meanwhile, I feed mana to Paladin like crazy with Mercy and Dryad and he has no way to stop it.

Don’t forget to vote! And it’s not too late to change your vote!


Last chance to vote for the Stoneskin team over the Skull-damage team!

That’s just wrong @Studs. Infernal King does 20 damage on every cast. Oh, and your Paladin does an initial 29 damage, not 33. If the golem so much as sneezes, Paladin can’t one-shot anything. Not to mention you have nothing to repair its armor once it starts sinking, besides 1 measly point regenerating per turn.

Your strategy doesn’t work: Mercy fills Dryad, sure. But then Dryad doesn’t fill Paladin, it just partially recharges the Archon, then Mercy, THEN eventually Paladin, if you can wait that long. I won’t. If you’re unlucky, it gives me green gems to charge up my Green Slime, which then turns all Green to Purple, which either recharges the Infernal King or just blocks you from getting any Green sets for a long time, while the Slime gets stronger in the process. If you create any Green gems with Dryad once Infernal King is charged up, it’ll just turn them into skulls, set your top remaining troop on fire while pounding on it, and lower Paladin’s armor by another chunk (if it has any left).

Vote for the Immortal Flames team over the Single-damage team!

Except the troop and kingdom bonuses give +4 Armor, +4 Life, & +1 Attack. And either way Golem gets one-shot (it’s got 27 HP) and the others get two-shot. You can’t do anything to stop a Barriered Paladin. And why would I use Archon’s ability? He’s just there to laugh at your skull damage with his Stoneskin.

The bonuses have already been included in the link to @Lyya’s database.

Barriers pop, and if you put a barrier on the Paladin, you’ll leave your Archon (and everything else) exposed. In the time it takes you to take out the Golem, it’ll have lowered the armor on all your troops. If it dies, the Infernal King, with much higher attack, will burn and slam whatever it hits. Archon’s not immune to burning, and you can’t spam Mercy (your whole loop idea doesn’t work most of the time, and I can disrupt your Green with either Infernal King or Green Slime).

No, I don’t believe the bonuses are included. And point still stands that Golem gets one-shot either way.

The beauty of my team is that I can leave Archon and Dryad full. Archon stays full so the gems flow to others and it doesn’t matter bc he’s meant to tank with Stoneskin. And Mercy Cleanses so Burn isn’t scary. Dryad can also be saved to re-apply Barrier on the rare occasion IK damages it. That makes it easy for me to focus on filling Paladin.

Stoneskin makes your skull damage quite slow, and you can’t stop the Paladib onslaught.

The bonuses are included.


A Legendary Paladin on its own has 19 armor, 12 attack, 15 life and 6 magic.

If you wait with Dryad, you can’t refill any of your troops. It will take you time to fill up Archon and Dryad, more time to refill Mercy, and even more for any mana to reach Paladin. Too bad you put it all the way at the back where its colors are blocked by every other troop on your team. Sure, you can sit there and do nothing else, but then what’s the point of having everything just sit there doing nothing? Not very useful. If you use Mercy every time a troop is burning, you’ll need a lot more green/blue mana to charge up. Too bad there’s no Green gems on the board from Infernal King/Green Slime.

Your strategy is to have only one source of dame by spamming Paladin, but to do that you need to stop using anything else, and make sure it never loses armor or it becomes tiny. The barrier gets popped by any damage, and once you’ve cast it, all your other troops will get smashed. Infernal King will pop any barriers and deal a bunch of damage to every other troop, then release Sheggra who will destroy your top troops with its lava strike. Then you won’t have any healing left, and your Dryad will turn into a torch. Your paladin, alone, without a barrier and with low armor will just stare as the Immortal Infernal goes squish.

Fitting here. Again the matches are over and the call is still put out there just like your next opponent. Congratulations @Bobomb, you get the Squirrel up next, and thanks to @Studs for playing.

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Good match @Studs! We were pretty quiet there for a while but we got a good debate going towards the end!

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Congrats on the win @Bobomb!