The 100% Bone Dragon Challenge! How Close Can You Get?

So, I’ve always enjoyed getting a screen full of skulls and watching the carnage. That got me thinking of how awesome it would be to get a complete board of only skulls.

The only way to guarantee this with Bone Dragon is to have It Crack 112 armor (8 base skulls + 2:1 destroyed armor for 56 additional skulls = 64 new skulls). This is EXTREMELY difficult to do.

With that being said, I challenge the GOW community to see how close to 100% board full of skulls using Bone Dragon. The proof is in the picture so you gotta show it for us to believe it.

The closest I have been able to come is 52 Skulls on the board out of a possible 64 spaces. This is 81.25% of the board having skulls.

Let’s see what y’all can do! Go!

EDIT: Current Best - dhjl with 87.5% Skulls


My attempt, with 56 out of 64 thanks to a self-boosted Sacred Guardian:

Sheggra + Brian the Lucky = full board

Just go Brian the Lucky - Sheggra - Soothsayer - Soothsayer

Sacred Guardians on Warlord 3 have great potential for Bone Dragon. I had a chance at cracking 98 armor on one but died before I could get it off.

Getting Sheggra to be able to make 64 Red Gems is pretty difficult. That requires 62 Magic to get 100%. That would take a while lol

It only does 20 damage, lol. So +2 for a full board of skulls.


How long did it take to get the magic up that high? Had to be tedious

About 10 minutes. Everything is maxed though.

Yeah I figured this would be a lot easier for high lol players. I’m only 154. Maybe I should change this to a Bone Dragon only challenge and see who can do it then…

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For under lvl 500 players? Lol.

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Yet, all those skulls can only kill one guy at the top…

Yet all those skulls is only +2 damage. A full board of skulls or mana is still glitched like it was before the mana/skull fix.

I am under level 500, so I fit that category too, lol. Notice my hero is the only non-mythic there.

For everyone not named Tacet? Lol you unstoppable beast!

I’ll just change the in game name via the devs. :laughing: lol

For all mere mortals? Got you on that one my highlander!

This challenge is the easiest thing to do…
Play the “Stone Wall” challenge (Broken Spire). Any difficulty will do, but you better play on Warlord 4 (Stone wall has no damage anyway).

Kill the giants through spells
You can play Finley to avoid to do some unwanted skull matches if you are confident you can kill the Stone Giant with only 2 troops (since you won’t be able to use Bone Dragon to kill them with Fortress Gate in the way).

If you can create brown gems to help Fortress Gate too, it’s definitely a plus (but I guess Finley can also do that). Depleting ennemy mana can ensure the Stone Giants won’t fire their spell at you.

So play something as random as

  • Cockatrice
  • Dark Song
  • Finley
  • Bone Dragon

And as long as you are patient enough, it really is easy… And pointless.

Against players, well, it depends what is the defending deck, it sure is less doable, but as long as you scout all your ennemies, you will eventually fall on some troop you can handle this way.

In the old times 2xbrian/skel/something filled the whole board quite frequently. With bone dragon it’s really more of a challenge.