The 3.0 Guild Wars Update (& Bone Dragon changes) incoming tomorrow (PC/Mobile)!

Hi Everyone,

Some good news… due to a (surprisingly speedy) trip through Apple certification, we actually have the Guild Wars update ready to release TOMORROW!

We really were expecting it to happen next week, but since it’s all good to go, we figured why not let you all get into your first Guild War on Monday, instead of waiting another week!

Now… a question we’ve been asked a lot lately is:

As some of you know, we were waiting for a small feature in the client update which allowed us to cap boosts.
SO… here is Bone Dragon 3.0, along with some graphs to show how we changed him:

Old Bone Dragon

Strip Flesh: 8 Skulls + 1 per 3 Armor Stripped (& strip ALL armor), for 14 Mana

Beginner players didn’t like him, as he tended to misfire too much, but we were kinda okay with that. He had a sweet spot through some of the mid-game where he was a lot of fun (albeit still just a LITTLE too powerful in my opinion). By mid-to-late game, however, due to the way Armor continues to scale up, he became a holy terror, and just created more skulls than mankind was ever intended to create!

New Bone Dragon 3.0

Strip Flesh: 9 Skulls + 1 per 4 Armor Stripped (& strip UP TO 25 Armor), for 15 Mana

So… we’ve increased the power for starting players a little at the small cost of +1 Mana… that should make him feeel better for any newer players who receive him. We’ve also kept number of skulls about the same through mid game, but nudged his efficiency down very slightly until you hit the 25 Armor limit.
At THIS point, he’s creating 15 Skulls, which is still pretty great, and fairly likely to give you an extra turn… just not in a board full of skulls brain-jellifying type of way!

An interesting side effect of the reduced armor-strip is that you sometimes get 2 casts on the same troop. Oh, and now Grave Knight is your buddy if you ever want REAL armor stripping!

We’ve included some graphs below to show our line of thinking - one graph shows the raw number of skulls created, and another showing his mana efficiency (skulls created per 100 mana)

The gray line shows an early test version of the changes: 7 Skulls + 1 per 5 Armor Stripped (max of 30 Armor), which felt too weak when we tested it. We tried a few different iterations until we settled on the yellow line.

A quick note: this update is for PC/Mobile only… we’re continuing to get the console versions closer and closer, but we’re not quite there yet (truth is that console may always be a little behind because of certification times for Microsoft & Sony)


OMG OMG OMG! YAYYY! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Thanks a lot guys!


Awesome! Looking forward to it!

What about the Gloom Leaf changes? :thinking:

Or is there going to be another official thread coming out later with all the details?


Is there an official video for guild wars coming?

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Nice! Also… why 25 armor max when the ratio is 4:1? Wouldn’t the extra 1 in the 25 get lost? (This might be the intention)

EDIT: Also I was right in my prediction of next week… damn you Apple! shakes fist



We were going to do the video this weekend, but we thought you’d rather have the release early… we may still do a video, we’ll see.

[quote=“HKdirewolf, post:4, topic:21900”]
What about the Gloom Leaf changes? :thinking:
Or is there going to be another official thread coming out later with all the details?
[/quote]There are a bunch MORE balance changes coming in the update (not Courage though… we’ll look at him in a few weeks, once the Bone Dragon changes have settled in). I just thought I’d address Bone Dragon since it’s such a hot topic. All the rest are in the patch notes.

25 Armor… yeah, the extra 1 gets lost… we just liked the nice round number!


Is this console too?

What time will it be coming out?

No, PC/Mobile. We get to test it before the refined version comes to Consoles

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We thank you for your contribution.

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Not yet, we don’t have an ETA at this stage. Console update may continue being behind PC/ MObile due to Sony + Microsoft certification process.

However we’re working to get these releases closer together.


Thanks for the update, looking forward to it!

Any chance the full patch notes are incoming soon as well?

Keep up the great work!

can’t wait to see the patch note:heart_eyes:

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Begone, foul monstrosity!


Am i the only one to be disappointed​? I mean, I’m looking forward to guild wars and all, but as I’ll be on holiday next week I’ll miss the whole launch thing.

Oh well. Guess I’ll catch up the following week. :grinning:

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Come on, man! They’re releasing it early! Look at it this way - you could still act as if they released it right in time for you to come home, a little welcome back present for you.


Hey, you just made me feel a whole lot better.


once again a bold post from devs proven them being the best of a kind :grin:

you dont cease to surprise and impress me :grin:

just how many developers would dare to post that kind of picture in an official news in the official game website?