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TaliaParks Streaming: Is there interest?

So I have been requested to, and several others have mentioned in passing, that I could stream my gameplay.

The best way this would be accomplished would be a sort of "live lessons’, where I can break down aspects of the game and provide visual aids to how to implement the given strategies.

This would differ from simple videos because;

  1. It is live and interactive. I can be asked questions and can answer immediately, where a video can’t.
  2. Most community content videos are PC-based, my streams will solely be Console-related.
  3. Speed. I can start a stream at a moment’s notice. No recording, editing and uploading.

So as the title asks, is there interest?

Like this post, the number will be what I use to judge interest. Comment with support/opposition or kickstart the suggestions on what topic(s) you would like covered.


I think this is a great thing for you to do, and would benefit many players (and advertise the game), but I wouldn’t watch it myself… Not sure if that counts as a ‘like’ or not…

Surely the players that would benefit most are those that haven’t found the forum… I wonder how you could advertise more widely…


You don’t have to watch to Like. Basically a Like means you think it’s a good idea.

I wonder often how to advertise the game more, I even updated GoW pages on other websites. I could always scout out and join as many GoW PS4 communities as possible and promote the Forum and a Stream.

@Tacet If this becomes a thing, I’m sure you have Console viewers of your videos, interested in cross-promotion?

I think it’s a good idea :+1:
There’s some difference between console and PC, and all content for GOW is usefull.
hoping that you put up this project … a calendar with the schedule will be interesting as a TV program :slight_smile:

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Liked it then!


Excellent idea @KAYA43V3R

I plan on having a schedule with “episodes” planned out in advance so players can “tune in” when they want. I plan on 20-30 minutes a Stream for most topics, but I can foresee some taking longer.

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Personally, I don’t think I’d tune in. I’m not quite at your level, but I can’t see needing a 20 minute tutorial on many topics at this point. If I spent the time, I’d probably pick-up a tidbit or two, but I’d rather just play for that time.

Do you have a sense of what a few of your topics might be? That might sway me if it was something that is really new to me.

In any case, I really respect your contributions on the forum and appreciate that there is a presence like yours here (PS4-based power player who likes to share).

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Topics I would like to cover;

Understanding the enemy AI- There are tips and tricks to how the AI plays, as well as a script it follows.

Maximizing Treasure Map Rewards- Here I would show the techniques and stategy I use to get 100+ moves on almost every Map played. Soon we will be getting a Traitstone per 15 moves.

Team Building- This would focus on Troops not commonly used, with an emphasis on Ultra-Rares and lower.

Picking PvP Opponents- After we build teams, we learn how to quickly recognize flaws in enemy teams and build a deck to counter them. Soon it will cost Gems to change opponents, not just 10 Gold.

Rest assured, this isn’t targeting high-level players, they know how to play and require less help. Most of my topics will benefit those under Level 200.

This also isn’t about me, my accomplishments/collection or “how good I am”. This is about learning and getting players who feel “stuck” advancing in the game instead of quitting.

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I’m also taking suggestions and requests for topics to cover. I’m a little out-of-touch with the issues lower-leveled players deal with and they are my target audience.

I’m not low level either but off the top of my head: Team construction (Synergies, type/kingdom bonuses, etc.), general team playing strategies (focusing on a certain color, powering up a mana generator first, powering up multiple troops before using their abilities, etc.), enemy team counters (starving dangerous troops of the mana they need, attacking faster in order to take out a certain dangerous troop before it gets out of control, etc.), and trait/ascending/leveling benefits.

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Excellent suggestions @Testr, this stuff must definitely be covered.

@TaliaParks I would definitely watch! I will start streaming myself starting around July 5th.

I would be willing to promote you. I already did shoutouts for Felicity and SC2Draco.

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More streamers the better. It does not have to contain much as long as it gets the views.[quote=“TaliaParks, post:6, topic:8411”]
I plan on having a schedule with “episodes” planned out in advance so players can “tune in” when they want. I plan on 20-30 minutes a Stream for most topics, but I can foresee some taking longer.

If you stream it then as a safety measure could you post the streams to youtube as well?[quote=“Tacet, post:12, topic:8411”]
I will start streaming myself starting around July 5th.

The more streamers i can watch playing this game the better to fill the silence in my house.

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New players could benefit from types of Teams too, so the can find one to fit their style of play. Control, True Damage, Direct damage, etc. And common examples.


Excellent. Yeah it would just be simple shoutouts to each other. Videos has one advantage in that they act like “archived episodes”

yayyyy, ill get to watch more people stream on my tv while i play!


p.s- a guide showing whats best to spend gold on in certain situations would be good aswell.

Also, setting goals is another good form of gameplay


Also, the tendencies of the AI (Matching 4s (and sometimes missing 5s to match a 4), favoring skull matches over using abilities, making sub-optimal moves after making several moves in a row); and ways to exploit those tendencies (leaving skull matches on the board (and taking skull hits) so that a troop doesn’t use their charged ability, etc.).

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This is the stuff I’d cover in “Understanding the enemy AI”, but keep the ideas coming as I am writing EVERYTHING down, no matter how small of a detail it is.


You often speak of the troubles newer players face. Any suggestions?

I think a key point to cover (adding to your previous list, which was all good) are the three economic branches of the game: gold economy, glory economy, and soul economy.

Gold economy is mainly the fact that PvP is where you earn gold, and that players should start saving gems from day 1 to buy Celestial or Dragon armor.

Glory economy is the simple fact that you can check tributes about once an hour. Tributes don’t matter at low levels, but you should level kingdoms to 5 ASAP and unlock all kingdoms to maximize tributes. Once that’s done you can start the process of going from 5-6, 6-7, and so on up to 10.

Soul economy is the most complex - because you want to level up troops you use. But how much should you level them? At low player levels, team bonuses are MUCH more important than level in many cases. That +2 attack and +6 life is thousands of souls you don’t have to spend! Low level players are always best off playing race and/or kingdom synergy teams.

Yes, you can put all your souls into one team - but then you’re stuck. Putting 5 levels into each troop in a kingdom-centric team is much more economical.