If I streamed GoW - would you watch?

Honest answers please. Support is all very good, I tend to assume I have that from most of you and I appreciate that… But if I did this, would any of you actually be there with me? I play (copyrighted) music, so I don’t record.

Basically talking standard end-game daily/weekly gameplay, some teambuilding and strategic discussion as requested, and so on. I am more than slightly worried that this sort of thing isn’t that helpful for newer players (who can’t access the vast majority of the content I can), and isn’t very interesting for players around my level who would rather just play the game.

So… would you be around? (And if the answer is no just say that - or nothing - I promise I won’t be offended!)

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends / Other (Please specify)
  • Shut up Shim

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Please ask your guildmates and spread the word. If enough people are interested, I’ll try to do some dedicated GoW streams starting in the next week or two. If not, I’ll just keep going with Eternal.

For anyone interested in my stream regardless, it can be found here. I’m streaming in 15 minutes so answers to this thread are going to be delayed.


Probs not, for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: – mostly because I don’t really have time for streams and tend to get a little bored, during, unless there’s a lot of personalised interaction (which obviously becomes difficult the more people there are!).

I’d potentially be interested in a once-off strategy/team-building masterclass around the various modes, since often there are little tips or things other people do that I might not have thought of – but still no guarantees, there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 🙍 (sorry!).

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Kind of the same for me as Jonathan. I do think there is a niche for “Basically talking standard end-game daily/weekly gameplay, some teambuilding and strategic discussion as requested” as you said, and if you put in a thread here I would read it regularly and be happy to participate. But not in video form.

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I’ve never watched a stream of any game because I spend time playing. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do so in future. There’s always things we don’t know and I am certainly noobish in that regard. I hope you get a good turn out though and appreciate the effort you are making to help others.

Would depend on how entertaining you are while doing the stream for the most part.
I do appreciate the team building advice that I get from my guild, from the forums and from Tacet and would likely appreciate the same from you, but, if you don’t record it then it would not be a good reference for team building.

But… as for live streams, depends on time of day and the entertainment value for the most part.

That’s more or less what I was thinking. That being said … if people seriously wanted recorded videos of team building strategy and so on, I could stream some stuff like that without music on, record that, and switch the music on when I actually played (or the majority of it anyway) - get the best of both worlds.

guess my answer would depend on what kind of music you play…

I voted no, but it’s not personal toward you. I don’t watch any GoW streams. I rarely watch streams at all anymore for any game. I just don’t find them entertaining enough.

That’s entirely understandable. I myself remain in the same position for virtually every game at the moment.

Most of the playlist currently is best described as “loud”, though not loud enough to drown me out. And the song request thing is enabled (not that anyone’s used it yet) so there’s that.

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I hope you aren’t discouraged by the feedback here; just because I myself don’t watch these videos doesn’t mean that many others won’t. I think the more streamers we have, the better it is for the community, so please go for it if you’re having fun!

Even if you only get 1 yes for every million no, that is still roughly 7000 possible watchers.

The other thing to be very aware of is the fact that the most vocal people on this forum are veterans, which is the group I specifically know will not be interested in watching.

I’m trying to figure out when would be a halfway decent time to do this stream … bare minimum it has to be something other than routine gameplay. Maybe for a new faction release or something.

I’m veteran, but I will be interested in watching if it will be during the evening in Europe. I’m watching streams and TV series on my another monitor anyway while I’m playing GoW.

So far I’ve usually been starting at 10pm UK time. That’s quite early by my standards though, I would likely be on later for a more relaxed GoW stream… not sure.