Why are you currently playing GoW? - unity PC/Console

So i wanted to share my reasons, and also am curious how about you guys?

Select everything that keeps you in this game, things that currently make the difference for you?

  • Simple enjoyment of Killing Enemies
  • Fun Minigames (arena / treasure hunt / dungeons)
  • Guild, Friends & social aspect
  • Freebies
  • Guild Wars
  • Long term Collection completion aspect, i want to collect them all
  • New units, New events keeping the game fresh
  • Likeable Developers
  • Forum
  • PvP leaderboard race & Fame
  • The potential of future development gives hope
  • Strategy aspect of the game
  • Rng aspect of the game, the thrill!
  • Soulforge
  • I’m vip and don’t want to abandon (yet) all the money i’ve put in the game
  • I’m long term player and don’t want to abandon (yet) all that effort/time i’ve put in the game
  • It became a Habbit
  • Cause of my husband/wise/friend/etc from real life plays it and i want to have that in common with them

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bump as id like to see more votes, please do comment :slight_smile:

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(I voted likeable developers and the forum. :P)


Was expecting to see that top 3 but thought that the Guild/Friends one would be higher.

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have you played GoW before you were hired? :smiley:

I did actually!!! I was lucky enough to visit the offices before I got a position and Sirrian gave me some goodies.


I also chose likeable devs amongst other stuff despite my whining about the gem nerfs, event keys situation and the other stuff. I do like them a lot, it’s just a lot of the recent decisions around the treatment of vip customers that’s really upset me and tainted things.


i do like devs too, i just didnt select it as its not a deciding factor for me weather to play a game or not :slightly_smiling_face:
it surely does count but wouldnt be the one to make the difference for me


All reasons play a role, one more, the other less. The focus changes with time. So the answers are just a snapshot.
Finally, the overall impression is decisive and is still positive thanks to the community and the developers :+1:


Most listed reasons play no role for me, I simply love match-3 games and when I can defeat other players’ teams in it… perfect xD

Also I like the art :o


after playing gow each day i cant muster the energy to type to try to find another game to play :sunglasses:


hmm so we have some ppl who actually enjoy the increased rng, interesting :thinking:

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because call of duty ww2 hasnt dropped yet, and i’m a glutton for punishment, and i need a couple troops to complete the mythic collection

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Mostly my guild. Sort of arena too but that’s getting almost unplayable now with that stupid dawnbringer everywhere

At some point I can see myself taking a break, but not kicking the habit. And probably still logging in daily while on break lol. But I really like everything amongst the choices.