Streaming to illustrate console vs. PC/Mobile differences

Hi all,

We’ve been having some discussions recently about some of the Console version quirks and the differences between the versions. In response to that, I’m planning to try streaming some gameplay for the first time this weekend from my PS4, with the intent being to demonstrate some of the features that are available on console that aren’t available on PC/Mobile. I have a couple ideas of my own, but thought I would throw out the question to see if anyone has additional ideas that I haven’t thought of. If all goes to plan, I’ll post a link to the livestream(s) here and then link to the archive versions afterwards (with timestamps for particularly interesting tidbits, if possible).

Things I might plan to do would include:

  1. Briefly show the daily tasks and how I integrate them into my daily play.
  2. Demonstrate the customizable AI interface and do a few experiments to show how the AI responds to changing settings. I think I have a good plan for this that will show the benefits and pitfalls in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Just do some ‘regular’ PVP play to point out some of the subtle differences that crop up through regular play when you don’t know what your opponent may have done with their AI settings. The typical example that we refer to here is the uncertainty about the success of skull-baiting, but there are some other things that crop up as well. If I’m really lucky, I may see some of the goofy gem-refresh behaviour that we like to complain about, as well.

If anyone has any other thoughts or suggestions, I’d appreciate hearing them, though i won’t promise to incorporate them. Whether the streaming works for me or not, I’ll try to post some of my results here in text form for anyone that doesn’t want to take the time to watch what will probably be some lengthy streams.

First live stream: I’ll be illustrating daily tasks and the team building interface.

That was a pretty rocky first attempt, but it is what it is. If you’re watching, I’d say skip the first 2:15 and from about 6:00 to 8:45 where I was trying to verify with Vangor that the stream was working. It was. :wink: If you haven’t already watched, I’d say skip that video entirely and just watch the next one instead.

Here is a second attempt at a daily task video:

This one is shorter and more to-the-point. Today I had 4 tasks that could be done at the same time, so I show a team that could work on all 4 tasks at once, plus variations as individual tasks are completed and restraints are removed.

Second live stream: I’ll be experimenting with the AI customization options under 4 conditions (see post #3 below for a detailed description):

Wow. Very weird results, at least as far as the secondary colour-effects go. Much easier to make the AI NOT do something than it is to coax it to DO something specific.

It is surprisingly tiring to play and comment for a long period, so I’m going to take a break and go mow my lawn or something. I may stream some free-play with minimal commentary a bit later, or maybe tomorrow. Please feel free to discuss below!

I’m going to run one final stream today. This will be me just free-playing for about an hour, with minimal comment. I’m going to finish off my daily tasks and then just grind some PVP:

Several lengthy waits for a battle to load. Haven’t seen this level of network problems since the server upgrades in January, but no battles dropped, so that was good.

A second experimental run playing with the AI settings with a different team (forgot to turn the music off today):


I would say in addition to the reg. PvP not knowing how opponent set sliders maybe try some where the sliders havent been changed at all


Yes. In my #2, I was thinking I would set up a team for my PVP defence that has a real affinity for two colours (Jarl, Courage, Humility, Goblin Rocket), then take the tankiest tank team that I can think of into battle against it under the following circumstances:

  1. Default settings;
  2. Set it how I would if I was trying to optimize (increase red and yellow, increase brown a little less, decrease other colours and skulls);
  3. Set it to extreme preference to red and yellow;
  4. Something stupid (reduce skulls, red and yellow to zero; maximize Green, Blue, Purple).

I think the differences should be pretty stark, but we’ll see.

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Ah most interesting! I would be very appreciative of this and will definitely watch!

(As you know I play PC)

I would like to see how the sorting interface works for the Troops menu, how the team-building interface looks. I want to see the credits. I want to hear the game audio in the raw with no music and no talking for a short period… one thing that is not talked about is how nicely shaped the sounds are in this game and I would like to observe any potential difference(s) in platform. I want to see one of these magical 700 turn cascades I keep hearing about.

Um that’s about it :slight_smile:

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I think I can work that in. Actually, that should work very nicely with the daily task stuff. I honestly don’t think it is much different than what you’re used to, aside from needing to manipulate stuff with a controller and not having any text-search options. The sort by trait filter is a kludge.

Seriously? I might run that in a stand-alone stream just for you, but it won’t be high on my priority list…

The clean audio stuff I can do during some regular game play. I’ll probably want to be talking a bit during the experimentation phase.

Yeah me too lol

I can’t promise I’ll catch one, but the best example I’ve ever seen on film is this one:

Thanks to @RyuuHou24 for posting this. He gets a really sweet start, but watch what happens at about 0:37. I’ve referred to this video a few times, so you may have seen this before.

@KrudlerTheHorse. I see you asked about this kind of thing in a different thread, as well, but I’ll just ping you here and not clutter up the other one.


There’s really nothing particularly noteworthy about that as far as I can see.

I mean it clearly is a bad streak but its no different than what happens regularly, and look how advantaged the player is right off the bat!

If that’s the video people are leaning on it erodes their case IMO.


I only have my experience to compare it to, and I feel like I see that kind of thing (but not quite to that degree) fairly often. I haven’t played the PC/Mobile version at all, but I have heard from players that play both, that the kind of streaky-ness on display there is more common on console than PC/Mobile (one of these players literally just posted exactly that statement in the 20-moves thread as I was typing this post). It’s an accumulation of these anecdotes that builds up the console’s reputation for streaky play. When that is combined with recall bias, we get the complaints that the AI is cheating or unfair (which I personally don’t believe). If more PC/Mobile players were to respond and say, as you just did, that you see that kind of thing all the time, too, then maybe we’d start to reduce the belief that the versions are different in that respect. If PC/Mobile players posted video of that kind of thing happening (even if it was cherry-picked), then so much the better.

I have a belief that is formed based on my own experience and the testimony of others who I trust, but I’m willing to revise my belief if evidence to the contrary appears.

My weekend project really isn’t about that at all, though. If it happens to give an interested viewer some insight into it one way or the other, that will be a happy accident.


Great comment and I look forward to seeing some extended play session. I know I will find it very informative and I appreciate you doing it :slight_smile:

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That has happened to me before on mobile, but then again it’s sure to happen at least a few times in the thousands of matches I’ve played.

Just depends on the frequency of it happening on console. Maybe you can count the number of 4/5 matches that Ai gets in a row. If ai gets more than 5 4/5 matches in a row in more than 1/4 of the matches then that might be statistically significant.

OK, it seems I would need additional hardware (or know-how) in order to save my streams for posterity on Twitch, so I will be streaming on YouTube. I’m going to take a little break and will start my first stream at about 11:30AM Mountain time (1:30 PM Eastern). I’ll post a link to my YouTube channel once I begin. First stream will be covering daily tasks and troop/team building interface.

See original post for links.

Seem to be having some technical difficulties. Bear with me. New link posted in original post.

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@Stan fyi i subscribed brudda

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Thanks Buddy! Appreciate that you were there! I’ll try to get setup and start the next one in about 30 minutes.

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Ill be there brudda

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2nd stream should be live.


Your preference settings on Y and R is possibly why Goblin Rocket is slightly favored by the AI as it is both R&Y. Unlike the mono Guardians.

Nice stream!


What is the adress of your streaming?

Here you go @Rickygervais , its at the top too.

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Thank you strat