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(Switch) Adventure Board inconsistency post-update

Platform, device version and operating system: Switch

Screenshot or image:
Another player’s adventure board:

My adventure board:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened: After updating to version 4.8, other players on Switch had an adventure board with Writing Writs I as the third (Ultra-Rare) task. However, even though I have also installed the 4.8 update, my adventure board shows a Runes of Stone III task, which has not been completed or even started.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?: Seems to be a one-off relating to the adventure board on the day the update happened to release.

Steps to make it happen again: Start up the game on version 4.6.5 on Switch, then update to 4.8 and open the game again. Based on my conversations with other people who have and haven’t been affected by this issue, I believe it does not matter if someone has opened or played the Adventure Board today. Everyone who played after reset but before updating has Runes of Stone III, everyone who updated first has Writing Writs I.

This is a significant problem, because the value of those two tasks is not even close. Writs are a very valuable and sought-after resource that cannot be farmed, while those traitstones are farmable, and also completely useless to an endgame player. It’s just not comparable or fair.

The stated purpose of having the server-wide roll for the adventure board was to remove the potential sense of unfairness from some players getting more deeds than others, and yet that is exactly what has happened today - some players are getting writs (i.e. deeds) that others aren’t.

As far as I can tell, this is because some of us happen to live in a time zone where we’re almost always playing soon after reset. I happened to have already loaded up the old adventure board (on a version of the game that did not have writs), before the update was available to Switch players. Despite the fact that I have not actually done the Runes of Stone III task, nothing I can do seems to cause it to be replaced with the correct task for writs.

im thinking this happens if people complete the adventure board today then update the game and it becomes bugged or missing

Nope, experiencing the same glitch after the update, and I did not touch the adventure board before updating either. Unless getting kills towards the 100 kill task locks it.

I’m wondering if it would be possible on the dev side for them to reload the adventure board for people who got the old one… but presumably that would need to be done before reset today, and I’m not sure if this issue is being looked at yet. Otherwise, it would be really appreciated if people who played pre-update could be compensated so that all Switch players have access to the same number of writs!