[Not a Bug] Incorrect rewards for Adventure Board Task "Writing Writs I"

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Steam, PC

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I was expecting the Adventure Board Task “Writing Writs I” to offer a reward appropriate for an Ultra-Rare Task.

  • The Mythic tasks grants 2 Imperial Deeds and 9 Colored Deeds, worth 2900 Writs plus various crafting resources.
  • The Legendary Task grants 1 Imperial Deed and 6 Colored Deeds, worth 1600 Writs plus various crafting resources.
  • The Epic Task grants 4 Colored Deeds, worth 400 Writs plus various crafting resources.
  • The Ultra-Rare Task grants 10 Writs.

It is very apparent that something is very off here, such a microscopic reward can’t possibly have been intended.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Ever since the task was introduced in 4.7.


Minor Traitstones v2.0?

I agree this is a ludicrously small reward compared to Deed tasks.

This somehow seems to have evaded dev attention, bumping it up as recommended.

Not a dev, of course, but probably working as intended.

There’s likely a double whammy at play here that is causing this result.

  1. It’s a lower rarity task, which means that it will appear more commonly that higher rarity tasks. If a UR task should appear 2x as commonly as the epic task, then 1 random colored deed may be appropriate as a reward.

  2. The cost of a player choice of colored crafted deed plays a very significant role here. In practically all games that employ this pricing model, there is often a very large valuation cost added on if the player is allowed to choose the result of a normally random reward. In this case, the hypothetical 1 random deed is converted to 0.1 deeds of choice (a 10x pricing cost), because the player can choose the ultimate outcome of what deeds those writs will eventually become.

I’d expect this the pricing standard going forward, if a new similar resource scheme is implemented in 5.0.

That doesn’t seem how the other rewards in the Adventure Board work, going up one rarity level roughly doubles the reward, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. If there were an ultra-rare deeds task, it would be unreasonably to expect less than two colored deeds.

Except that this isn’t really a choice of rewards, you get a crafting ingredient that needs significant additional resources to turn into progression currency. And you need at least three of that progression currency to unlock even the very lowest cost upgrade for one of your kingdoms.

I would buy your reasoning if the reward were 100 writs, which would still be annoyingly little for an ultra-rare task. 10 writs isn’t even appropriate for a common task, the often cited “average” player needs to collect them for half a year prior to being able to use them in any way. I suspect they originally intended deeds to be crafted from 10 writs, then forgot to adjust the task reward when they upped the cost.


I think this is intended as you can also get Writs from the Epic Tasks so it actually adds up to quite a lot of Writs overall, but I will double check with a designer next week.

Sorry I’m giving a vague answer this time, I wasn’t able to confirm before replying today but want to stick to my word about replying to bug reports twice a week so you know we’re not ignoring you.

I’ll give you what details I can next week.


Just flagging stuff not related to the report; I really appreciate the changes to bug reporting.

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Hey got confirmation:

The number of Writs in the Adventure Board Tasks is correct.

They are Ultra Rare Tasks so they are more likely to appear more often than the Deed Tasks.
They can also be used to craft any colour Deed so there’s added value in that compared to the Deed Tasks where you can’t choose the colour.
These Writs are also completely free to earn just by playing Battles so there’s no barrier to earning them other than whether or not the Task shows up.

With that said we may review the number of Writs in these Tasks in the future, but for now they’re at the level we intended.


Hi @Kafka,

Thank you for taking the time to research and then post the designer’s thoughts on how the Writing Writs task is supposed to work. Even if the end result is “working as designed/intended”, it is highly appreciated to see the background logic why the task is designed this way.


Please remind your staff that without epic tasks, it takes 10 of these Ultra Rare Writing Writs tasks to craft 1 deed. Meanwhile, you get 4 colored deeds doing an Epic rarity adventure board.

1/10th of 1 deed is a bit silly


Since it takes 100, they’re literally penny equivalents. I got a whole [13] 10 pennies today and that’s the whole task completely done.

I mean, come on, if i only get one crack at them, at least gimme 50 cents.

Or how about add them into tributes? Or treasure hunt? Or something to make up the difference on what isnt even 3 nickels’ worth for an entire right sideAB task.

[Edited bc it was even less than i thought. Hahahaha omg, it’s like the change in the car cup holder that got all sticky from spilled soda. Those 2 pennies and one nickel are just as worthless as the whateverthehell paper receipt something stuck beside them]


Time to open a soul forge bug report…
Takes ten times too many writs to craft a deed.


Moved thread to feedback section so everyone can continue discussing if they like.

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