First day of Writs, going to give the devs the benefit of the doubt and assume it's bugged

You’re missing at least 1 zero. An adventure board task when completed should never equal just 1/10 of a single deed.

You should be embarrassed if this is working as intended. It makes your company look stingy and cheap.


Mythics tasks: 2 imperial deeds, 9 deeds
Legendary tasks: 1 imperial deed, 6 deeds
Epic tasks: 4 deeds

Progression suggests that ultra-rare tasks should at least contain 200 writs for 2 deeds, possibly more considering that it takes additional resources to turn them into deeds.


perhaps devs has a motto of “real progress should only be given to those who pay”?

anything other than those who paid for progress should be somehow stuck and see others who paid and get progress so they’re somehow motivated to buy as well.

stuffs that broken this “wall” shouldn’t exist. If they exist and players use it, those are called #exploitedbyplayers, must be changed or annihilated

I hope im wrong but so far this is how i felt with the 4.7 update

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Moved to game feedback.


I would also like Devs to confirm that the Writ task we all saw was coded with the wrong amounts. I am adding to this feedback thread because I’d like to see the confirmation, or show concern if it was as intended.

Kafka moved this from a bug thread to a feature request. She didn’t say it was working as intended. But basically by moving it, she did confirm that it’s working as intended.


Salty has the unenviable front line PR role of adopting the “working as intended” stance and relating it to the community. She does it well but fails to disguise what we know to be true. My advice? Salty, jump ship…you will do much better elsewhere with a chance to create true PR, not “hide the truth from them” PR.


I guess this was moved to game feedback because it didn’t use the bug template. I’ve opened a proper Bug Report, it’ very obvious something is configured incorrectly here.

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The funny thing is this is technically an all-around nerf.

You’re going to be getting this task on days when you could be getting event keys or gems in a task slot. So that makes the small amount of Ritz even worse.


Lol…I don’t know why you assumed that. I just didn’t see the point of filling out their template when I was 99% sure it wasn’t actually a bug.
The template exists to help them identify bugs with the least amount of “back and forth” as possible.
If this was actually bugged then it would apply to 100% of the game regardless of Device or Platform.
But okay, you really want the magic words of “working as intended”. So be it. :grinning: