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Swich of troups between guild members

It would be funny if into the guild the players could swich troups.
For example if i need Marilith, i can ask between my guild members if someone has it and, if yes, i can take it exchanging with something else (gold, gems, or another troup).

It will never going to happen.


:cry: it’ s a pity

People would just be hopping between guilds to get what they are missing… therefor it would be the equivalent of a market place

I know its never going to happen but its still fun to explore the possibilities.


What if there were restrictions in place to prevent the kind of Guild jumping, @JasonAshcroft?

Say for instance, you must be a member of the guild for 100 days AND at least guild rank 2 before that permission is granted. That way it demands time put into a guild and trust/relationship with Guild Leadership be established before any troop sharing can happen?

Additional restrictions can be that the borrowed troop is only available for 24 hours at which point you must wait 7 days before borrowing another troop?

Just some thoughts… :wink:

You want to try my horsemans now don’t you :stuck_out_tongue:

Two Famines ARE better than one! :wink:

this is worse method to implement trading then anything not-guild tied…

it will basically force players to abuse guild-hopping, cousing frustration

plus trading system is probably not good idea in general for this game, will not happen (at least doesnt seem so right now)

and this topic was already dead, along with the idea, until … 3 min ago :wink:

sorry, didnt find time to even read it earlier then after 6 days it seems