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Support Knowlegde

I would like to add a comment about customer support. Over the past several months I have been in contact with Kafka through GoW customer support link. Kafka has been extremely helpful in questions I have put to him/her and could not have asked for better customer relations from Kafka. Kafka is very knowledgeable and understanding, a rare ability with customer support people. Keep up the great work Kafka I have appreciated all the insight you have given to me regarding the game as a whole.


Thanks for taking the time to write feedback :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words Witcher :slight_smile: I’m glad I’ve been able to help you out.

All the best for the new year


Whenever I see your name here or in PS4 chat, I always think of this:

It’s good to know that, unlike your airport namesake, you are not “completely indifferent to (player) needs”.


This whole thread warms my salty heart!

On an tangential note: someone named “Kafka” being helpful and understanding is pegging my Irony Meter right off the scale.


Sure you not confusing it with Kefka? :wink:

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“Kefka” would be “cackling omnicidal insanity”; “Kafka” would just be…well…“unhelpful, inexplicable bureaucratic insanity”. Plus roaches, so ew.

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