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Where is Kafka?

Did I miss something? I know I was away for a bit, but why haven’t we seen her post lately?

Hope all is OK.

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Same as Cyrup.


Broke lockdown regulations and went to the beach?

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I’ve stepped in to do bug reports and be more active on the forums for the meantime. We do this as necessary when workloads increase or a member of our team needs a break.

She will be back soon, and she is looking after herself. Thanks for your concern. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply.

Digital brothers putting Salty in charge of all things Gems of War reminds me of when Chris Farley was forced to be on a Japanese Game show.


@Saltypatra could you give a look at ticket #96394 that I opened 3 weeks ago? It is about an account recovery and is followed by Kafka, but basically she have sent me an answer per week.

It would be very helpful to help me. Thank you.

Raises hand present

I needed to spend more time focusing on my other responsibilities so Salty has been helping me with the bug reports. I’ve also had a bit of time off recently :slight_smile:

@Ancalagon I’m sorry your account recovery hasn’t been going smoothly, I replied to you yesterday. Been having trouble finding your account :frowning:




I know @Kafka, don’t worry…It is only that I am a bit worried about taking so much time to recover my account, giving the fact that I linked it to my email just to avoid such situation!

So glad you are ok, get some much deserved rest. :slight_smile: