Suncrest challenges: no soul gained

Hi all,
i am doing Suncrest challenges and, after defeating any opponent team, my reward is a minor traistone and not a soul chest like for the challenges of the other kingdoms.
Even if I defeated all the 5 team opponents of the 1st challenge (5 star gained) i only obtained a minor traistone.
Could you please check?
Thank you

You only get the chest once from a challenge. Try explore

yes, i know that the reward is once from each challenge, but even if I won it
for the FIRST time i received ONLY a minor traistone and not the usual soul

How many souls are you missing?

Well in that case just report it .

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I completed with 5 stars the 1st challenge + 2 stars of second challenge so
usually I am receiving (if i remember well):
5 souls 2x 1st battle win
10 soluls 2x 2 battle win
15 solus 3rd battle win
20 souls 4th battle win
100 souls last battle win
total 165 souls

this time i ONLY recived 7 wind minor traistones, one for each battle.

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As @Santandrix said, just send in a ticket so the team can check it out for you.
It might be a bug that might occur again.

About the trait stones; It is very common to get a load of minors from the challenges.
Only explore has the higher chances of getting the good stones.

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ok, i sent a report on the link you wrote me.
Thank you @Eika


Thanks everyone, we are currently looking into your ticket request @Daniel.


@Daniel we have done some internal testing and have confirmed that everything is working correctly and as intended. It could be that your version of Gems of War isn’t up to date.

@Lila36 is in the process of replying to your ticket with details on how to move forward.