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Suggestion - or 2?

Reduction in service means that some percentage of dev resources would need to be allocated to this new mode. As it’s not a simple alteration of an existing mode but rather an entirely new one that changes the game at its core, online multiplayer would require a significant drain of resources that would otherwise have been used to make the “solo/async PvP” game better.

As @Slypenslyde indicated, there is a lot of devil in the details when attempting to make a game like this work in live competition. Right now, the game doesn’t talk to the service at all when mid-battle. The change from “never” to “after every single move” would be drastic. Game state would have to be moved server-side instead of entirely client-side. This would greatly increase the strain on servers that are already under stress (as evidenced by the weekly console issues). You couldn’t play this mode when entering tunnels or other spotty locations.

Also, with no changes to mechanics, the mode would flop miserably. Right now it is entirely possible to win a match without the opposing player ever having a single turn. Mercy can feed you immediately, Alchemist and Hellcat can loop forever, and the fourth troop can do all sorts of “on 4-5 match” shenanigans or just simply deliver the coup-de-grace. For live multiplayer to have any chance at success, the troops (or gameplay rules, or both) would need changes; and these would almost definitely impact the “old game.”


First I wanna say that I get most of what your saying - and this might be a bit longer of a post and for that I do apologize.

I understand that strain on the servers, and the logistics of that part, which is why they do not have this mode and why its not in the foreseeable future. - :slight_smile:

And i can understand that diverting any resources to a live pvp 1v1 mode vs friends would yes take some from the development of new underworld factions and events that might otherwise have a plethora of services that would indeed be available, so I do understand that part of it as well and respect it - … :smile:

But as for the third point , with changing troops, you lost me - the mode is not a competitive mode, there is nothing for winning save bragging rights to your friends, its not meant to be a substitute for the PVP mode they currently have vs the AI - and yes it is currently entirely possible to bring in a team that can win without the opposing player having a single turn - and if that is how you wanna battle your friends, i suppose you can do it - you can fight their team and never give them a chance to take a turn - in doing so they wont fight you anymore and you earn - no rewards, because the mode would not be reward based.

However- it IS a way for you to put teams you might not normally go for vs your friends with you at the helm - and it allows you to test teams out for perhaps things that might work together that are not noted at first glace - or “long game” teams that do not start off with the intent to never give the other player a turn. Its a fun mode for friends, not a ladder mode to “ascend” in. Yes, if you have a great team that seems to be wrecking and wanna test it against your friend team that has Hellcat and Alchemist in it just to see if you can survive - thats on you and your buddy

That is why the suggestion was to face guild mates or friends - not for rewards, just bragging rights - to to allow people to play teams that are not the meta – Firebomb, Sunbird, Firebomb Hero with a hit all weapon does wonders for farming traits- but not a team I would take against to “test” vs a friend. Much like a fully traited Talcoa, Lord Ember, Valkrie, and Alchimist - where you cycle 3 colors for 4 matches and do 10 dmg each time you get one. then use Talcoa’s hit all ability to “finish them” But after a game or two of that your “friend” who was just testing a fun team - might not fight you anymore - It is after all just a fun thing - another mode and way to enjoy the game -

It was suggested before to make it gem orientated - you get X passes to fight friends a week , raised by VIP levels or bought with gems - and with no reward it is just a time/gem sink - but - the enjoyment of actually fighting a friend - maybe with your fav guys vs just a “fast team” is the point. Currently the point of the gem is “Grind” and that is great, win fast, kill quick, move on - because the AI does not care, and your earning gold, gems, souls, rewards, ect. This would be strictly for people who enjoy longer games vs friends - with monsters that they just really wanna use- no team uses Treasure Gnomes - as a base, but maybe you have a idea to make a fun team, (we do have a excess of team slots) - and its funner to face a friend, then the AI in general with teams that are not “all powerful”

What started this talk with me and my friends, was im lvl 500 or and have about 15 “team” slots sitting empty, I’m sure people who are in the 1,000+ level have more then that sitting empty - because your right there are “best in slot” meta teams that really just excell past the rest - leaving literately a ton of unused monsters that have decent abilities, but just don’t make the cut - you can play em vs the AI - but not half as fun when your friend joins and see your team of Treasure Gnome, Raven, Cedrick Sparklesack and Doomclaw - (not a real team, do not use it would suck, lol)

That is why the suggestion was mode - maybe a future mode - if anything so people can take a break from the AI when it gets it 10 turn cascade :stuck_out_tongue:

and thank you for re-explaining -

This comes up regularly. If the devs or their financiers thought it had a hope of being worth the huge resource investment to do then it would have been done by now…


  • I don’t think I would ever play it
  • I really don’t think the game is suited to it - too many loops or rapid plays that would mean losing without getting a turn
  • the delays sending / receiving turns would make matches twice as long

Here’s one main issue
How do u decide who goes first?or should I say almost definitely wins
That alone will create way more trouble and bad feedback than it’s worth

Maybe not going first gets u 5x rewards? I dunno
But I can only imagine how people will start to respond when they’re going 2nd Lol

You have noble intentions, certainly, but this is unlikely to be successful. In a game that emphasizes progression, there will be an overwhelming desire to progress. Activities that do not in some way further a player’s progress will be seen as a distraction by the vast majority of the players. This might be okay if the feature is quick to implement (like the existing “test defense” is), as it gives you an additional bullet on your feature list. Something like live multiplayer is not quick to implement, far from it — live mutliplayer would represent the biggest core game change since GoW was created.

On top of that, I don’t see how this translates into more money flowing in; where is the monetization opportunity? GoW is in the established phase of its lifecycle and any new feature work now has to justify itself monetarily. The larger the change (and associated cost/risk), the more reward the developer and publisher must stand to gain from it. Without a business plan, risks such as this are dead in the water.


To be fair, I decided to right a wrong quickly in the midst of a busy day and take the opportunity to indirectly bump the thread at the same time. Additionally, I’d rather consider someone’s ideas holistically and open this up for discussion before providing an ‘official’ comment.

The idea of betting on Troops is interesting. Overall, unfortunately, we don’t have the infrastructure to support live PVP/gamemodes at this point and there are currently no plans to implement live PVP or game modes in the future. Similar to your first idea though, the team have discussed a feature where you can potentially play with a guild mate’s (or ‘friends’) team to try out the combination, so they act a bit like a guide (this wouldn’t be live). This is from shady memory, though, so don’t quote me on that as it was awhile ago.



Thank you for the response , and the defense of a new person posting on the boards with a idea.

And thank you for the feedback and aye, i realize that in the current situation there is not the structure for the game to host a live pvp mode, sadly, but was just a idea for the future…

As for the monster betting, a lot of people have voiced consern about it would just be a way to simply harvest mobs, and i get that - however that could be fixed by changing the better (as per a friend of mine who plays) why bet monsters when you can “bet” KEYS – keys are RNG - and thus its still random - you would enter and then see what team your facing, then bet Keys on your victory -

Bah all and all i realize its not in the cards so to speak at this point, and thank you again for your response and defense of me. Appericated.