Suggestion for repeated troops

I would like to make a simple suggestion, but that will make the game much more interesting for players with a higher level (above 500, 700, 1000 etc).

When playing for many months and joining almost all the troops the game is getting repetitive and I’m sure many stop playing at this point.

After we have raised a troop until it is mystical there is no reason to join several repeated troops of the same troop. However, as it is, it is very discouraging to join new troops when you are at high level, we already have almost all the troops and one or the other missing or makes no difference, but even so the probability of it coming is very low, almost nonexistent, Which discourages further play.

My suggestion to solve this is quite simple: simply that when raising to mystic any troop or even those that are already mystical would have a counter of negative percentage so she does not leave again for each new troop as we have, that is, if I have 10 equal troops of the same troop she will have 10% change less to come when I open any chest. This percentage increases until reaching 100% (100 equal troops of the same unit), when then this troop will not come again when opening the chests.

This would be fantastic and would not change anything at all for most players, it would only change to the highest levels and it is precisely those who are probably wanting to stop playing and this would surely hold a lot of people in the game since it sets a limit for the repetition of troops.

I hope you appreciate my suggestion and that it can be used.

reducing odds for looting units that arent needed anymore is surely very wanted feature, i know id like it a lot, however considering gacha game economy:

  • i think it shouldnt be reduced to complete 0% chance to drop as the end result
  • i think it shouldnt be completely free

An interesting idea, which would mean I have 100% chance of getting a troop I need, since a have way over 100 of every troop I ascended to mythic. I don’t think the devs would favour such an idea though. :slight_smile:

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It will probably never happen. For people that have 100+ copies of every common and rare at mythic all they would be getting from gold chests is gold, glory, traitstones, souls and gems and getting around 750 gold keys a week that is too many resources.

I understand what you are requesting here, and it would be welcomed for end game players…

But I don’t think you have an appreciation of where end game players are and their collection of troops. Effectively this would be “when opening ANY chest ONLY drop the copies of the new troop that was just released”. End game players would no long have to chase any troop, and only open a relatively small number of chests to obtain what they want.

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it actually would mean end game players in the end have useless keys of every sort, that they have nothing to do with them, as they looted everything to 4 mythic copies already
keys would never stop piling up, community and new players would eventually realise that there is no need to purchase anythic as getting collection complete is easy now if you play long enough and the game would bankrupt

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This wouldn’t be a terrible idea however if it had a higher limiting factor:

Such as for very 50 of the same troop you own over mythic level would reduce it’s “drop” rate by 1%, up to a maximum of 20%.

So for instance:

If you have 100 of a troop over the mythic level, then your drop rate for that troop would be reduced by 2%, if you had 1,000 of a troop over mythic, your drop rate would be reduced by 20%, and cap out at that amount.

Obviously the numbers could be played with, but a general idea like that would work. I agree that allowing to remove that card from the pool entirely would be bad for the games economy

100’s of copies? Try THOUSANDS of copies. LOL

I just said 100+ because in the OP he said after 100 copies you won’t get that troop anymore.

Let it be a ratio of 10 troops to every but 1%. What you must have is a limit to the useless repetition of troops.

I repeat that the game gets extremely repetitive and boring after it has many troops (enough to have at least 10 very good teams). I have several teams that I earn almost 100% (I only lose if I play fast or if I do not see which team I will play before to choose a more appropriate team), the games take a maximum of 4 or 5 rounds and I win (always playing in 3 trophies).

I do not need souls anymore, my kingdoms are almost all with 7 stars (and climbing the few that do not make any difference), gold leftovers, most keys I do not use at all, that is, the only thing I can do is The weekly events which I almost always do on Monday and then you have nothing to do but keep repeating PvP against AI that is very easy.

Either put a limit to this endless repetition or implement a real PvP where you play players vs players.

I’m not going to keep playing repeatedly to gather more troops that are practically useless, since the ones I already have dozens of teams that get very easy from any of the new troops or those with bonus of the week.

Staying playing the same thing over and over just to join hundreds of troops repeated is something very discouraging…

im lv 874
unique troops: 329
troops owned: 45625

i have a lot of units that have 350~ copies

could you estimate for me how many of new units i would draw when opening gold / glory / gem keys?

with your 1% - 10 units it would go to like 1/3 of all pulls in gold keys would be new units, id get every new kingdom complete like 50x faster xD

50x faster is like in one week instead of 2 months

if you think that kind of results are reasonable to allow to players you are wrong