Some suggestion for mythic troop drop rule

Devs can consider change Mythic troop drop rule to same with guild guardian,stop drop by open chest after the single mythic troop’s amount reach 4. i think Everyone will be happy if devs do that. :heart_eyes:


I second that notion. If only I could actually have that problem, first.

But, I’m sure once I get to that point, I will support your idea even more.

It would negate the whole getting rid of copies for souls mechanic. I forget the name of it since I NEVER use it.

Not if it only applies to base mythic troops. Maybe that wasn’t the OP’s intent?

I just say cap ALL troops at mythic 4 copies, and get rid of the whole disenchant feature entirely.

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YES. This.

That would have disastrous consequences for the game economy. I have 58 troops that aren’t at mythic, and the vast majority of those are high base rarity. I basically couldn’t draw an ultra-rare from Gem Chests (or a rare from Glory Chests), so I would only be getting epics and above. I’d max out my epics within the first 200 keys, and then I’m pulling legendary troops at a minimum. Within 250 keys I would only be drawing base Mythic troops.

And so I would only need to spend four keys every time a new Mythic is released: then I have four copies of that troop and have a complete collection again.

You can appreciate how this might diminish spending on gems so people will chase Mythic troops.


Got to agree with this, if you stopped getting a duplicate of a troop once you had 4 copies of it at mythic lots of people are going to very quickly get full decks of troops, and guaranteed to get the new mythic every time using very little resources. There would literally be no point in gaining keys, opening chest, spending gems etc, and game economy would be ruined.


I still think that players should only be able to get one of every base Mythic…but that is just me.

Now that’s another totally different argument. I have very rarely seen anybody use 2 identical base mythics in the same team, except for recently where somebody is lucky enough to have got 2 Ubastets. In reality it takes longer to fill mana for 2 identical mythics, with the higher mana cost and the first troop blocking the 2nd troop from filling.

I personally have multiple copies of Elemaurgrim, Famine and Infernus from memory, but I have never used 2 in the same team so having more than 1 of these base mythics is of no advantage.

Yeah, it most definitely is a completely different topic haha :). I just remember the days of double or triple Famine…man, that was brutal. I have doubles of Eurayli and Pharos Ra, and within the last 2 weeks picked up another Famine. The only Mythic I have ever used with more than one in a team is Pharos-Ra in Explore. He definitely helps with the soul collecting!

I find it the craziest when you have a Mythic that has just been released, and you see some people who have teams of 4 of said Mythic. It’s just crazy that some people have the hardest time finding one, and then you have multiple people with copies. I know this goes back to key savers, gems, VIP, etc.

You are right though, nowadays it doesn’t really benefit you to have more than one of most Mythics, so it definitely isn’t as bad as it used to be,

That is a good point, but there could still be workarounds.

Instead of getting more commons or rares, you could instead be getting small amounts of gold or souls, obviously not enough to mess up the game too badly.

Instead of getting more ultra rares, you could instead get gold, souls, glory.

Instead of Epics, you could get gold, souls, glory, with a REALLY small chance of a gem or so.

Legendaries, all of that plus more of a chance for gems.

This is all just idea, but the premise is still the same however they decide to go about substituting copies above FOUR for each troop. It would require a lot of planning, and possibly more coding than what’s worth it in the end, but it’s still a possibility. I do agree with what you said, however, as I hadn’t thought of only receiving the other cards you didn’t have if this was implemented, but the above idea could still work if the rewards were worked to fit each rarity pull.