Suggestion for Minigames

In a conversation with my girlfriend (I Play Gems of War from the start and my girlfriend plays two years ago) two ideas for new minigames came up.

Game of Memory and Puzzles.

The new minigames would be in the GAMES session under the MINIGAMES icon.

By clicking on the MINIGAMES icon, the player could choose between Treasure Hunt, Memory Game or Puzzle.

All minigames would be paid with maps to play.

Memory game

The Memory Game would consist of a screen with 16 cards distributed in 4x4, all of the same size with the minigame icon on its face.

The player would have 10 attempts to find 8 pairs of pictures with troops, arcana or keys.

If he hit twice in a row, he would get another chance.

Prize: At the end of the match, if it won, the fewer moves used the better the prize pool.

  • The prizes are at the discretion of the Devs.



The Puzzles would consist of an image of a troop divided into 16 squares of the same size in the order 4x4.

The Image would have its parts shuffled in those 16 squares and the player would have 1 minute to arrange the image correctly.

Prize: At the end of the match, if it won, the faster the player organized the image, the better the score.

  • The prizes are at the discretion of the Devs.

  • To change the pieces in the Puzzle, it would be enough for the player to click on one piece on the board and then another, and the two pieces would change position.


The Memory Game could also be used in the weekly event, for example, with the goal "Make 350 points in the Memory Game". Every 5 discovered creatures would be worth 1 point.

The Puzzles could also be used in the weekly event, for example, with the "Complete 150 Puzzles in less than 30 seconds" goal.

The minigames could also confer Titles to the players.

For example:

  • Treasure Hunter (Play Treasure Hunt 1000 times).

  • Perfect Memory (play Memory Game 1000 times).

  • Master of the Puzzle (play Puzzle 1000 times).

  • Scientist (use 5000 maps playing any Minigame).

This would certainly be a way to relax and unwind more using the accumulated maps, especially by beginner players.

@Cyrup @Razzagor What do you think?

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The memory game seems to have something. :+1:
The puzzle game… Hmmmm… not so sure about that…. :thinking:


Very good, it would be interesting to see these new minigames, it would take a little repetitive thing, maybe these new minigames would not give a new rhythm to the game.

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I will add some of my own:

Close the portal:
You have a certain number of turns to fill all your troops’ mana so you can unleash the closing portal spell and win the match (killing all the enemies is not a win). The tropes might be randomized like the ones in arena and the enemy’s team would be filled of enemies that would have spells to make it harder like mana drain, freeze, create storms, change one colour into another or make a colour disappear

Hold the line:
In the last position of the enemy’s team there’s an invencible enemy which can summon troops. To win you must survive a certain number of turns

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Interesting. My idea was to create new minigames that did not involve the board with gems and battles. Something out of this pattern, like the Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Hunt is the only event at stake that does not involve battles. Me and my girlfriend would like more minigames so to relax after many fights. And it would also be a way to spend the hundreds of maps we have accumulated.