Suggestion: Buffing the Sorcerer

I personally really like spellcasters, so when I started Gems of War, I naturally gravitated towards the Sorcerer. However, as I got further into the game, I noticed that the Sorcerer is actually kind of… Underwhelming.

The biggest draw to most classes is the viability of their third trait, which is normally a legendary quality trait. The Sorcerer’s trait, 50% chance to get +1 magic at the start of your turn, is actually considerably weaker than other traits.

I’m not planning to compare it to Bardic Inspiration. That one is actually kind of overtuned as it is a mythic quality trait (Champion of Anu has the exact same trait for blue, after all), but when compared to other legendary class traits, it still falls short.

Dragon’s Grace, for example, is guaranteed to offer 1 magic per 4-5 match, but it also adds 1 life, AND distributes it to all other dragons as well. The archer has a 15% chance to kill an enemy whenever they do skull damage. The Knight gains 2 armor every turn.

In short, a 50% chance to get one stat bonus for a single target per turn is just… Underwhelming. Aside from the fact that RNG is generally less fun to play around, the Sorcerer also seems like a downright bad pick. So here’s some suggestions for possible buffs to the Sorcerer.

1: Increase to 100% chance to get +1 magic.
A simple solution: Take out the RNG and give it a stable magic gain. Still overshadowed by Dragon’s Grace, but in the ballpark, at least.

2: Always gets +1 magic per turn, with a 50% chance to get +2 magic.
A step up from the previous. Stable magic gain, with a chance to accelerate escalation.

3: Always gets +1 magic per turn, with a 50% chance to give all other daemons +1 magic as well.
Daemon specialisation, much like the Mechanist has mechs and the Dragon Knight has dragons, but also focused on magic.

4: Always give all allied daemons +1 magic per turn.
Same as 3, but without the RNG. Since the Sorcerer will eventually count as a Daemon, this will affect the hero, too.

5: At the start of every turn, gain enchant.
Unlimited magical power! Less reliance on mana income, allows the Sorcerer to sit all the way at the back of the team and wield any weapon with baseline efficiency, without having to worry about getting mana blocked.

6: At the start of every turn, produce 3 purple mana.
A new type of legendary effect. A source of mana that can bolster your team’s spellcasting potential. Can be made to benefit from banners as well, if it needs a boost. This also could make for fun stacking potential if other troops gain similar traits.

These are my suggestions to make the Sorcerer more viable. I may add more later, if I think of any.


My thoughts on the suggestions:

  1. Would be fine with that

  2. Sounds like a fair modern upgrade compared to the past

  3. Sounds like an alternative but botched version of Queen’s Grace (Or whatever Abyssnia’s 3rd trait is)

  4. Again, alternative version of Queen’s Grace

  5. Would be annoying to fight but would make sense

  6. Definitely sounds good and unique unlike anything else.

Although I feel like Bard having one of the six main color stat buffs is kind of broken since other classes have stipulations or don’t have as strong of a 3rd class trait. Bard, Champion of Anu and Scorpius all have a +1 to all stats per turn for each colored unit (Yellow/Blue/Brown) so… that leaves (Red/Green/Purple).

In a way, if Bard keeps +1 to all yellow per turn, maybe make Sorcerer have +1 to all purple per turn.

I would go with your second suggestion and also change the Talents.

The devs need to make better talents on each tree and balance them out to make each choice more meaningful. For example: talents buffing certain races like Elves and Wargare on the Forest Tree should be the same single talent leaving space for a better talent at Champion level 100.

On Sorcerer’s case the three Talent Trees are full of bad options, you just pick the less stupid ones, and maybe two that are really decent.

Buff? What is this “buff” you speak of? I’m pretty sure GoW is a “nerf only” game. Why buff hundreds of weak troops/classes/weapons and make them useable, when you could just nerf a routing dozen or so of them every update instead? Lol.

Bard is an outlier, though. +1 to all stats on all of a certain colour is a mythic level trait, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to add the same thing to Sorcerer. Nerfing Bard would probably sit very poorly with most players, but buffing Sorcerer that high would do the same, I think. It’d be better to save that for a mythic troop.

There is so many classes to buff. All classes that starts out with 50% mana have already a great advantage over the classes that does not.


Without simply saying “all purple troops +1 to all stats every turn” …

Purple troops gain +3 magic. (Or more)

Purple troops gain +1 magic every turn.

Daemons gain +1 to all stats every turn.


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Legendary effects tend to work better if they have some sort of persistent effect, so I don’t think a flat magic boost would be good. But Daemons get +1 to all stats does sound like a very versatile and solid option, while simultaneously being more restrictive than Blessing of Anu/Bardic Inspiration/whatever Scorpius has, so I think that could work really well!

In light of the Sorcerer class event coming up, I figured I’d bump this back up. The Sorcerer could use a little help, because that legendary trait is… A little sad, honestly.


Bard gives up to 40 face-value of stats per turn or 10 for each yellow troop, Sorceror gives … an average of 2 total… at random… yeah…