Pve classes and traits vs skill

Sorcerer good for pve? I was reading around and a lot of the traits on classes are pretty useless on the reccomend classes. Traits < skill tree OR skill tree < traits

Class doesn’t really matter for PvE. I usually use PvE to level up the class

I see. There’s too much going on in this game lol.

Actually, class matters quite a bit in PvE, especially at early levels. If you are just starting out, Bard is an incredibly powerful pick, provided you farm all traits. You also get the class weapon after 250 wins (which doesn’t require the hero in the team), some of them are quite good (e.g. Skeleton Key from the Thief class).

What exactly is “PvE” in this game? There’s never really a moment where you are playing against a player. I think different contexts make hero classes more relevant.

  • Explore: irrelevant. You want to win in 4 turns or less, or you want to be playing soul farmer. Neither of these are helped as much by the hero as they are by key troops like Sunbird, TDS, an Pharos-Ra.
  • PvP: Relevant, but almost exclusively with level 40, 70, and 100 talents. Talents like Rock Solid and Fortitude dramatically change the survivability of your hero, and classes like Fronstmage can seriously disrupt opponent teams’ plans.
  • Pet Rescue, Invasion, Raid, basically every scaling event: Relevant. Especially at the high levels, some challenges are probably not possible without specific hero talents.

But I would say no, Sorcerer is not really good, it’s only “fair”.

The “50% chance to gain 1 magic every turn” is what fools every newbie. Think about it this way: how many turns do your games last before you win or lose? 10? 12? That’s on average 5-6 magic. It’s good to have +5 magic when there’s 1 troop left, but you were already winning. Or, it’s good to have +5 magic when YOU have 1 troop left, but it’s not going to be enough to dig you out. At higher levels, your games will end in 3 or 4 turns. You won’t notice the ~1-2 magic that yields.

What Sorcerer has in its talent tree that isn’t total garbage is:

  • Plaguebearer (disease random enemy on 4/5 match)
  • Dusk’s Aura (create a darkstorm at the start of battle)
  • 2 different "summon when this happens) talents
  • Stealthy
  • Tree of Knowledge (gain enchant on green matches)
  • Rising Shadows (7% instakill the last enemy when another enemy dies)

That’s not a bad spread for defense and long games. Long games tend to mean you’re losing these days. Most players prefer Titan for its 50% mana start, Rock Solid, and Lightning Strike talents. That’s what you should be training up ASAP.

IMO the right order for classes goes:

  • Titan
  • Thief (crucial for Skeleton Key teams)
  • Anything with a 50% mana start and Rock Solid
  • Anything with a 50% mana start
  • Alphabetical