Why not a Dark Storm?

I really like the sorcerer class and his specialisation to magic and the 50% chance to get 1 magic per turn, but then today I reached lvl 40 talent and I saw doom storm… In my opinion sorcerer is made to use purple weapons and he’s clearly not a skull spam class, he’s actually horrible at it so why not a darkstorm instead to help him with his weapons? I hope you guys consider it, thank you :relaxed: And yes I know there’s darkstorm at 20 but its close to tactician, if course I would choose that, while where the doom storm is the other 2 are useless

The literal answer is, I think:

“The talent trees were not designed per-class. Instead, several lists with talents that sounded interesting were created, and each class was assigned three of those generic talent lists.”

So Sorcerer’s talents were not custom-tailored to be relevant to its strengths. It was given three lists that, presumably, represented some advantages. It also means that some of those lists have talents that don’t make any sense for sorcerers.

This has confused and confounded players, because the assumption is that every class received a set of traits where all three traits at every juncture were beneficial. That might’ve made heroes a little too powerful. Still, what we ended up with leaves us mostly where we were before talents: “The classes that give 50% mana starts are the strongest.”

I don’t think it’s a bad way to approach the design, but I think the trees were designed in such a way that they conflict more often than they present interesting choices.

Yeah but there’s no synergy in any class like you said you just use the one with the biggest 1 benefit and that’s that…pretty sad really.

Welcome to feature design in this game, apparently. The idea is to make cool-sounding systems with a lot of choices, and hope the sheer number of choices overwhelms a player’s sense of “but this doesn’t change how I choose a weapon/class”.

Before the hero revamp, you had no reason to be a class that didn’t have either a 50% mana start or skull reduction. After the hero revamp, you have more reasons to use specifically those classes and fewer reasons to use others.

Before the weapons revamp, Dawnbringer, Divine Protector, Mountain Crusher, and “anything like Mang” were the only weapons you’d consider. After the weapons revamp, the list is identical.

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Totally agree - there are WAY too many X type gain a pitiful amount of a HP (generally equates to a rise of 0.5%) with some of them at Level 100. All this can lead too is a massive feeling of disappointment, who in their right mind would grind to Level 100 to gain 10 armour to a troop type that the hero isn’t even (no chance of 4x bonus either!).

The talent trees need a lot more ways for the hero to actively alter the board, inflict status effects etc.

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Don’t forget Golden Cog, the heart of the most powerful Gard’s Avatar juggernaut.

I use the golden cog with the mech that increase armor to all, and Rowane. Pretty fast explore team, even in pvp sometimes lol well at least at my lvl (210)