Building the Perfect Class (poll)

Every experienced player has a pretty clear idea of what they want in a Hero Class. For example, one of the traits has to be a half-mana start. But what if you could design your perfect class?

Just to keep this manageable, let’s focus just on offensive classes (no Orbweaver defence). I’m going to pick two talent trees, and the poll is to pick the third. Feel free to add comments as to why, and other features (eg: Class Type).

Destroyer Class
The Destroyer hero class has a trait giving half-mana start, and it uses the Stone and Fire talent trees. What should its third talent tree be?

  • Arcane
  • Chaos
  • Cunning
  • Death
  • Forest
  • Guardian
  • Knowledge
  • Life
  • Light
  • Morale
  • Shadow
  • Storms
  • War
  • Water
  • Wind

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To help you out… I don’t have my own table for this yet, but here’s a nice image from reddevils:


(Note: Water is missing, for some reason.)

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I voted knowledge. I find enchant on green to be one of the most useful traits ever.


@noob you made that chart or someone else?? ^^^

PS…I’m afraid to answer because then the devs will make sure the 3 talent combination will never exist. Like an Elemental hero class. :roll_eyes:

Someone else

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IKR!!! I was writing a response, but this is making me pause. Damn them for reading the forums and being intrinsically evil.

Realistically though, I’m thinking it probably wouldn’t be something anyone would want in the game, as fun as it might be to play around with for a while.

They may have already thought of any particularly OP combos, as well – but I hesitate to give them too much credit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


LOL. The nature of your responses is fascinating!

Personally, I’m quite certain the devs consider the combination of Stone and Fire trees to be overpowered, in any case – even though many of the best talents clash with each other. That makes this a purely hypothetical exercise. :smile:

is Fire + Stone really an overpowered combo?

You’d have to choose between Fireblade and Fortitude and the rest of the Fire tree is kinda average.

Frostmage contains one of my favorite combos possible. The only thing I’m looking for now is Fire with a half mana start.

I’d have to think about a 3 talent combination, but Life, Stone, and Storm sounds great right about now. (with that 50% promised above)

1: Impact
5: Purification
10: Fast Healing
20: Storm Aura
40: Rock Solid
70: Lightning Strike
100: Fortitude

That’s unrelated to the topic.

50% mana start + Fire, Stone

1: Impact
5: (Fireproof)
10: (Firestarter)
40: Rock Solid
70: (Stone Mastery, Firebringer)
100: Fireblade

Guardian and Storms are two of the better choices, but is already paired with Stone semi-often.

I’d probably just say Life tree for Purification at Level 5 and call it a day. Fast Healing at Level 10 while barriered isn’t bad? Level 20 is a throwaway, and 70 is a link choice.

Stone + Cunning isn’t bad: 70 Dodge and 40 Rock Solid. Hunt vs Impact is not something I want to think about yet though lol.

I don’t think I want to see Fire and Stone together.


Morale then. Or Wind.

Honestly, for a class called “Destroyer”, I’d go with War as the third tree. Storms is more universally applicable, but thats really close to Titan and Titan would arguably still have a better kit. Fire/War/Stone would create an exceptionally tanky hero (Rock Solid/Impact/Fortitude) that could dish out monstrous skull damage (Counterattack/Bloodthirsty/Fireblade), but would have to choose between Fireblade and Fortitude. Decent PvP invade kit, but requiring level 100 for one of your main tools would be a non-starter for me since I generally only use classes I haven’t maxed in PvP. Decent for punching up in events, but honestly, theres better options already. Runner up would be Cunning, because I don’t think a stone/cunning class is ever going to exist. Shadow for Stealthy would make for one of the most obnoxious defense classes, so lets not do that.

My “perfect” class doesn’t include the Fire Tree, really, though I’d like to have at least one Fire tree hero that has a half mana start eventually. Fire has really one stand-out talent that generally has to be set up through other means, and even though it is really strong, its not universally strong (for restricted scaled content and such).

There are a lot of interesting combos that can still be had. Also, while certain trees are just flat out better than others, a good trait + tree synergy is still definitely worth having around. I’m hoping that eventually all 34 classes will get there, being that there is nowhere left to go after all of them are released and the only way we get better tools on a class is through an old one (or a newer one) being revamped. But also certain trees in particular struggle to have a single “best in slot” choice, only generally if everything else offered at that level is really bad. Wind and Morale spring to mind, and that also needs to be addressed.


And that’s what sucks about the way classes are. The second I make a class “fun level” I have to move on to the next or be behind the curve. So instead of enjoying the different classes at 100… it’s a grind to 100, then onto the next.
I wish we could earn XP for any class we want while using a different class.


Love it!

I reckon I’d mostly look at Fireblade in this combo. Even in Delves, there’s only a few rooms that need Fortitude (and losing Irongut to Deathmark is more likely than Hero).

Would be nice to get a brown storm from a trait, wouldn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I voted guardian because in the current meta, banishment is one of the most useful talents. The new reflect status effect looks to make it even more useful.


Amen to this! They either need to make this suggested change or make it quicker to reach level 100.

Hell, I’d even take it if I only got 1 XP toward whatever class I wanted for every battle at level 100, or 1/2, or 1/4…

There’s already an experience bar counting each class’s respective XP—this would just require that, when playing with a level 100, other bars would become selectable, and then whatever you earn would be added into those pools as if they were attached to the class you’re using all along.

Then you wouldn’t even have the slowdown or trickiness of a per-battle UI element…

I also vote for War for the same reasons that Mithran said. Bloodthirsty is so powerful and totally fit the Destroyer theme.

Just to remind but on the spoilers, there are already the last 7 class names with their trees. And I will not get my perfect class too (Fire/War/Life)…

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Whoever’s voting for Arcane, you’d better explain yourselves!

Did you not read that the class has half-mana start from a trait? I can’t see a single other useful talent in the Arcane tree – not for this class.

Its not horrible. You can take 20% spell damage reduction at 10 and then choose between, brown, red or purple link at 70. There are better choices and there are worse choices.

I didn’t vote for it though.

Shadow + Stone = pretty much godmode.
Voted cunning tho, because of the potential instakill of fire’s 3x dmg on burning plus cunning’s hunter mark (thus a potential 6x dmg).

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A perfect class for me wouldn’t have the fire line tho. I’d rather combine Stone+Guardian+Shadow, with a +armor type of weapon (like golden cog or such) and rely on constant barrier + the constantly increased damage output from razor armor+cog, while being safe from most targeted spells/devours etc thanks to shadow’s stealth, and having an ace in the sleeve with the rising shadow talent.

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