Stupid Question. What day is guild reset on

I Just took over Our guild and things have been going REALLY Nice and today I suddenly had a very confusing BrainFart…and this question will more than likely make people laugh and question Me as a guild Leader,But what day does the Guild stats reset?

They reset on Monday mornings for me but may be different depending on where you are from.

For me it is at 2am Eastern Time on mondays

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…except last week, when it reset sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning. I know because I was waiting until Sunday to make some Guild Chest purchases, and was unable to do so because the reset hit prematurely.

So, this is a very valid question, particularly in light of what happened last week. As Saluki states, I would also expect for it to hit in the early hours of Monday morning. However, I am considering making my Guild Chest purchases today (Saturday) in stead of waiting for Sunday, just because of what happened last week.

Traditionally (when no errors occur), Weekly + Guild resets happen on Monday 7am GMT.

Im sorry, I should have noticed the category, I only play on PC.