Stuck troop filter

About a week ago, I used a troop filter which became my new default. All attempts to clear it have failed, including clearing it, changing to something different, and restarting the app…many times each. Regardless, every time I open the troops display, I see Knights that use either green or purple mana.

Anyone with ideas about how to reset to the normal default…preferably without going through a re-install?

(iPad, iOS 10.3.2)

Have you tried the Save filter button in the top right corner?

Thank you! I now see the problem.

The most recent update has a glitch in the user interface that positions the “save filter” button at the same location as the brown mana selector. It’s very easy to hit the save by mistake when attempting to toggle the brown selector. Since I’ve never intentionally used the save, I hadn’t even focused on it existing until you mentioned it.

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