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Bring back the old filter options!

Just like majority of 3.2, the new troop filter sucks! I hate that I can’t filter for “create brown gems” or other specific effects. The old filter worked just fine. I do like the multi color selection option, but that could easily be added to the old filter.


I agree 100% we NEED this back.

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I’m on ps4, press square reset filter nice. Now I have to click down on D pad few times just to do the same thing= downgrade. Triangle still sets filter?Makes perfect sense, thank you for this inconvenience

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Agree the filters need work still… good to have the drop downs back… certainly one that’d benefit from a period of testing with our community’s Beta players…


You can use the search function. It’s much faster than toggling through every possible option.

I don’t play a lot on my PS4 but they definitely didn’t think about console users with the redesign.

‘need work’, These comments are funny. The work was already done AND deployed on console. All they did with 3.2 is remove tons of functionality from the filter, and make it look like 10 minute filter demo done in the back of a taxi cab on the way to a meeting.