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Streaming live on PS4

Thanks for watching.


Lol, cheater :stuck_out_tongue:


I"m not cheating this is the most used team in the game.

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I’ll be streaming for and little bit this morning and later on today. Working my way through the top 100. Quick like.

Thanks for watching

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I went over a hour without losing and guess who ended my streak.



Dwarfporn team? Lol

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Yes, mab was stunned so freeze didn’t help, I could not get it going, killed 2 but you’re second high forge brought 2 in for the sweep

All caught love. Lol. Nice defense!

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I never ever use that team. Zzzzzzzz, lol


So in 3 and a half hours I pulled 3000 pvp points and about 500 k. 60 second matches! It never gets old!!

Guild wars is for creative teams and pvp is for farming

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I use sacrifice team to pvp speed farm

Going for round 2, see how fast I can make 500 k

Where are you streaming this

Ah twitch.

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Got cut short, maybe later.

I saw a little… :wink:

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Getting back at it, we need a PS4 player as well.


Ok, i had to play a few now


U streaming?

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Yes sir, don’t mind my sloppiness, it’s been a while

This is the lead up to a ending, spoilers may happen

Lol im not at the crib so ill have to catch it next time unfortunately