Streaming live on PS4


Thanks for watching.


Lol, cheater :stuck_out_tongue:


I"m not cheating this is the most used team in the game.


I’ll be streaming for and little bit this morning and later on today. Working my way through the top 100. Quick like.

Thanks for watching


I went over a hour without losing and guess who ended my streak.



Dwarfporn team? Lol


Yes, mab was stunned so freeze didn’t help, I could not get it going, killed 2 but you’re second high forge brought 2 in for the sweep

All caught love. Lol. Nice defense!


I never ever use that team. Zzzzzzzz, lol


So in 3 and a half hours I pulled 3000 pvp points and about 500 k. 60 second matches! It never gets old!!

Guild wars is for creative teams and pvp is for farming


I use sacrifice team to pvp speed farm


Going for round 2, see how fast I can make 500 k


Where are you streaming this

Ah twitch.


Got cut short, maybe later.


I saw a little… :wink:


Getting back at it, we need a PS4 player as well.


Ok, i had to play a few now


U streaming?


Yes sir, don’t mind my sloppiness, it’s been a while


This is the lead up to a ending, spoilers may happen


Lol im not at the crib so ill have to catch it next time unfortunately