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The Unforgiven XBOX

We’ve had an epic week at The Unforgiven, 1st guild to 5million trophies on the 9th of May (earlier this week) and we finished number 1 in guild wars this month

I’m so proud to be part of the NUMBER ONE guild on Xbox!

we have 4 other guilds which are all buzzing and its just a great vibe in our discord server which is always a hive of activity and excitement but its on fire tonight! I just wanted to share the love with the GOW forum!



Congratulations to all your members on both accomplishments. Well played.

And congratulations to the members Unforgiven III as well, for their victory over us. We shall meet again someday tho, and perhaps the tides of war shall swing in our favor. For the Horde.

chunky mono
Snotling Former Paragon of Chunky’s Raiders.

Note: I really liked your most recent recruitment message. The color coordination and layout were both impressive. Top marks. :blush:


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Top 4 on Xbox is very compatible. Just saw that we scored more points than top PC guild. :sunglasses:


To @Dinosuitgirl goes all the credit on the recent recruitment efforts. Her hands are deft and able to make much prettier things than my brutal, orcish paws.

And thank you for the kind words. Meeting your goblin skirmishers on the battlefield brought warmth to my cockles — I wish you good fortune in the Wars to come, for I relish a fight against a worthy opponent!

For the Horde


Thanks ChunkyMono! I’m happy to help you make a recruitment poster if you have a vision :slight_smile: its part of my “real life job - the fun bit”


Because PC/Mobile faces stiffer competition. :man_shrugging:

Sorry, Got sidetracked ↑
Congratulations Unforgiven! :grinning:

7th overall for all platforms.


Tyvm. Unfortunately, I lack vision. Too often I am blinded by Rage. :smile:

I do love this tho:


I copied just in case not enough people viewed your incredible work. :heart:

I liked the Fonts as well. Very professional. And the cards. Too much to like. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for the praise… but its all familiar elements from the game, the wings are glory wings, the circle is a sigil and obviously doom skulls and the cards are from the rooms delves and tower of doom :smiley: The font is from the game DOOM (its a free version called vampiredoom IIRC


Nice job to rob and all at U1. I never doubted you would triumph again. Congrats.