Steam vs PS4 version (Lack of Features)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I am a beginner. I am not sure, but i can not find any way to create new teams? I’ve checked everywhere and pressed everything. I am on PS4 version.

There is no indication whatsoever of any button to get into creating a new team. I am very sorry if i may seem not attentive enough, but i can’t find any way to create a second team. So far i needed to edit Team #1 to be able to switch cards. Any help?

Click and drag the cards you want into the empty team box on the left side of the menu.
Also, I see you have 2 Zajin goblin troops there.
Keep in mind you can get extra bonuses by putting multiple same race or same city troops together in a team. You’ll be able to see all your bonuses under the Bonuses tab at the top. That is also where you can change the name of your team and the color of your banner.

I have figured it out…I guess its just a major design flaw on the PS4 version, because i’ve checked the steam version, and it has all needed info. For some reason PS4 gets left out of features like “Quest Progress” and lacks of ANY Team management (Can’t Rename, Can’t Suggest, Can’t Clear), apart from changing cards. Take my “create team” requirement for example. I didn’t know i had to level up to lvl10 to be able to create a second one. The PS4 version also lacks of the update where you don’t have to pay gold to battle… So far it was very unwelcome for me, since i don’t intend to play it on Steam. Only PS4. I’ve changed the topic name accordingly…

Yea… PC/Mobile and PS4/Xbox are all different companies.
Blame Sony and Microsoft, not the game ><

I wasn’t aware of that. I thought the publishers were different not the developers. I guess i have to be patient and wait for the rest of the features and interface updates… I really like the game, shame i can’t experience it to the full potential if i am not playing steam version. I am more comfortable with my PS4 right now.

I just wanted to clear up some confusion here. The console version is behind on updates. The reasons for this are multiple. For one it’s 505games/pipeworks that are developing the console version, and also they have to submit their version to sony/microsoft for testing. If there are no issues it usually takes sony around 2 weeks to do this, but it can vary. I think Microsoft is quicker, but I’m not certain.

Right now the console is on sort of a mixed version between 1.06 and 1.07. I’m pretty sure that the features you are talking about weren’t added until 1.08 We’ll get there, but the console versions will always be behind the pc/mobile versions, which is pretty much the standard whenever the pc/mobile version gets frequent updates. In this case it’s both the developing of the console version, and the certification process, but even in a best case scenario Sony/Microsoft still slow everything down.