Steam charts

Gems aint doin so hot especially in June. Player base has been going down slowly for awhile but this is somethin different the last 4 months. I hope they are comin with something good in 7.0 or we might be looking at the beginning of the end.

Wish they would realize pq3 aint it chief and gems been solid for almost 10 years. Kill it with the 7.0 stop it with the bugs and mistakes and get back to making the game fun…wtf


Neat, lowest player average since April 2018. :slight_smile:

As much as I would love to see this game die to finally get away from it, I think, that’s just a usual dip, as you get them in most online games over time, and possibly without a large business impact either. We’re still at about 70% of the all-time peak number, so it does not quite feel like the game is dying on the player end yet.

Numbers on mobile phone platforms would be interesting, but those are harder to get. I assume, the big spenders are rather there to find, and also there might be a slow migration from static to mobile devices over the years.

Samsung numbers provided by their Game Launcher:

I don’t have many other games installed to compare numbers to. Rest are single player as well.

I recommend to read back on this news article to realise that we’re sadly not at the beginning stages of “the end”. Creative Lead, Steve “Sirrian” Fawkner has some inexplicable self-congratulationary views on things:

Not to forget that everything new that gets added to the game is designed to be “fun”, according to (force-fed?) descriptions regularly posted by Jeto, Kafka and Bramble.
No room for debate. You don’t like things? → You get ignored.


have they added any content this year that’s worth sticking around for?

angel/merchant system is … useful … for people already playing, but if you aren’t engaging in the system in the first place, its not a reason to start.

plenty of frustrating moments on Gems of War though: see bug reports


Hey Sinny, Where you can track that? I would like to know. I been looking for a website or tool to do so for a long time.

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Well this explains a lot.
I haven’t see that low of a concurrent number of logged in players in since the early days.

Thank you my friend