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We Broke 2k! (Steam)

Gems of War just hit a new record by breaking over 2,000 concurrent players on Steam alone today!


Gems of War is also in the top 50 most popular free to play games on Steam, currently in position 42.


@Sirrian this sounds like a great excuse to release another troll :wink:


Time to get that fire troll, call him doctor.

Very nice.

Guards to your positions!! It’s time to man the servers again! Hold the lines!

I think perhaps a few of them got through Captain…


Yeah - our player base has grown another 4-5% in the past week over all platforms - that’s pretty awesome!
We also saw our recent reviews on Steam were overwhelmingly positive, which is great.

‘Eternal Vigilance’ though… or we get situations like we saw on Monday with event changeover. You never want to get complacent when you’re doing constant updates. :eyes:


IMO the latest patch was a huge step in the right direction for this game. Wishing you much success for you and your team Sirrian. :slight_smile:

Bring on the new players and guild-mates.

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Here’s another chart for those who enjoy graphs and stuff: https://steamdb.info/app/329110/graphs/

It notes the Total Owners (300k+), Players (56%), and Players in 2 Weeks (6.9%) info from SteamSpy.
So that’s handy!


Congrats, well done! :relieved:

Imagine when the guild wars drop with some new awesome addition :smiley:


Don’t forget to post up your reviews! The sky’s the limit baby!

One day I’ll be able to say: “I played GoW before it was cool!”


Oh lol, never knew about that website.

The average play time is fairly high for a free to play game. Normally F2Ps have a lot of 1 hour times or less that drag it down. A 65 hour average total play time is quite a decent amount. I guess all the 1k+ hour people are skewing that data heavily. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are quite a few people in the game who are starting to hit 2k+ and 3k+ hours too.

Imagine when any form of real time PvP is added to the game, even if it is as little as being able to battle friends and a minigame.

There is a whole demographic out there that this game could appeal to if they add it even slightly to the game. About 1/3 of all the negative reviews initially made about this game on launch was that there were no real person vs person battling. Some even specifically mentioned the lack of being able to battle your friends.

Being able to battle your friends in real time has also been suggested about 20 times on the Steam forum, as I have been keeping tabs there since the game launched.

Something else that was asked a similar amount of times is the ability to have multiple accounts on one device in an easy to use method within the game itself. This is mainly people who want to start over from scratch with a new game button, which currently doesn’t exist without file manipulation or another device.

I agree with this too. People like real competition. That’s why I think guild wars will be a great step towards that direction!
I do think that adding real time pvp is far more complex to design, but I’m pretty sure devs could make it work :slight_smile:

Yes, but it is so long away. And real time PvP is even longer. :frowning:

I waited for Dragon’s Claw kingdom for 18 months. Real time PvP will probably be 3 years from launch - next year’s Christmas. Could be even longer. xD