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Steam achivment not unlocking

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Expectation: Finished 8/8 pet rescue stages = achivment unlocked on Steam
Reality: Finished 8/8 pet rescue stages = achivment still locked on Steam



If I doubled the topic somehow, I am really sorry, but I searched and didn’t find the answer~~

Someone else had reported a similar problem, but no resolution.

Did you finish any gnome-triggered pet events yesterday, or just the weekly one today? That shouldn’t make a difference, but you never know with this game…

Yesterday I finished the weekly one and got Lucky and the day before someone of my guild triggered the gnome pet event and I completed it as well and got mini mimic. But no achievement in both cases.

I got the achievement today after I did all the 8 rescue battles, so it might be working now.

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Same here. Was not working yesterday, achieved it today after pet rescue.

Alright. Good to know. Thanks!

Got the achievement now. Thanks to all!


Hey @Zwiezda, this was a bug in the steam version of the game and required a client fix. If you restart Steam or Verify Integrity of Game Files on Gems of War, the achievement should be showing up with the correct progress stats.


This worked for me. Thanks.


Restarted Steam, didn’t unlock.
Verified integrity of game files on Gems of War, didn’t unlock.

Is this one of those things where I need to start and finish another pet event? Like, I didn’t get the Xathenos achievement to unlock until I got another new troop card after Xathenos.

EDIT: oh wait, never mind, I think I got it. I only have two pets: one from the update (bunny) and one from a weekly event (Lucky). Haven’t actually completed an event triggered by a pet gnome; is that what triggers it then?

I got the achaivment yesterday, after other pet event (that one that last 1hour, not all day as for the Lucky)

Anyway thanks all for help :slight_smile:

Can confirm; just finished a 1-hour pet event and the achievement (Steam) unlocked.