[Switch] Pet rescue event broken

Platform, device version and operating system: Switch

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
After completing battle 1 in today’s pet rescue, instead of moving on to the next battle, battle 1 simply repeats every time. Progress shows as “1/1” instead of “1/8”. No progress is actually made and no rewards can be collected.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Started today with the 19/09 24 hour pet rescue event, happens every single time it is played, even after restarting the game.

Steps to make it happen again
Others have reported the same problem, so I suspect it will happen to anyone attempting to play the event.

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Can confirm it.

  • no progress after battle 1
  • I played Shaman but got Archer XP (Archer was the Team I played before Shaman)
  • Shaman was set to Archer AFTER the fight (IN the fight it was Shaman - I checked this)
  • Restarting the game didn’t help.
  • After some time there was popping up a message “game out of sync with servers, restart game”
  • This restart also didn’t help (I already restarted before)

I have the same issue. I was able to collect reward 1. I started playing battle 2 and I received an error message saying my account is out of sync that my app will restart.

After trying several attempts to play the pet rescue, nothing works. I tried to buy baskets to receive the pet and it brings me back to tier one saying I didn’t purchase anything but still takes my gems… I want my gems back. This isn’t fair.

@Kafka @Saltypatra Not sure if anything can be done at this point but tagging you in case you were unaware. Thanks!

My personal opinion is that 1x copy of the pet should just be sent out rather than lose another day unable to get pet gnomes.

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I agree with you

Yep, I am having the same issue and made this account just to say so. I also bought baskets in hopes of fixing the issue (I thought maybe it was just stuck or something) but the basket was also reset to tier 1. I bought two tier 1 baskets because I hadn’t watched my gem balance the first time to see if it stayed down - it does. If gems weren’t easy to get then I’d definitely be mad about losing 50 of them for nothing, lol.

Unfortunately one of our server hosts had connectivity issues which caused this error over the weekend.

Although it was completely out of our hands we’re sorry it happened as we know how frustrating it is when you just want to chill out and play your game only to have issues like this.

Thankfully the issue wasn’t a complete outage and it was resolved after a short amount of time so once you reconnected after the issue was solved your progress would’ve been corrected on your device.

The issue was completely solved yesterday so everything should be working completely normally by now.

If you have any ongoing issues from this please contact Support directly for assistance.

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This wasn’t the experience of me or anyone in my guild. I wasn’t able to get online in the few hours before reset, but last time I tried, and last I heard from anyone else, it didn’t work.

It was a one-off event pet, though? So we all missed out on the pet. We essentially just had all pet rescues blocked off for 24 hours by an event we were unable to play. I’m curious to know if anyone got the pet, and if so how late they had to be online to get it.

I tried for the pet after the server reset - it still didn’t work and just looped over and over with Level 1. No ability to move on, no ability to collect rewards.

@Evelyn can you please tell me what times (and timezone) you were unable to access the game? I’ll let the team know so we can try to find more information if the times you were affected don’t match the time our host had the issues.

@Kafka The game was working fine, it was only the 24-hour event pet on Saturday that was not working. As far as I am aware, the pet was not working for the entire day, but I would have first tried soon after 5pm AEST.

Hey, update for you :slight_smile:

We’ll be running another Skullbeak Pet Rescue this Saturday so you’ll have another chance to get it.
This will be displayed in game soon too.

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@Kafka Can it be moved to the following weekend? It is gnome weekend where we can get the most pets. Losing Saturday is a big loss.

Please consider - much appreciated!

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TRUE. We’ll put Skullbeak on Monday instead (Monday 5pm AEST start time)


Thanks! Appreciate it :blush: