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Stealthy question

I’ve just fought againt team with full-traited Pride Hunter on the last spot. I’ve attacked with Knight Coronet and…he hit Pride Hunter! How is that possible if second trait of Pride Hunter is stealthy? Shouldn’t third unit be attacked by Knight’s Coronet Cleave ability instead of stealthy unit? And if that was correct - how exactly does stealth work?

Steathy is only for targetted abilities. However I’m not sure how well stealthy is working in the game right now because I’ve always been able to target stealthy enemies.

It’s not actually targeting the troop specifically just hitting what troop that may be there. Targeting is where you have to pick the troop you want to hit like devour on the great maw or siren’s ability. Knight coronet is like split damage but only hitting two troops.

Well, so stealthy units on the last spot are not so safe as i thought. I should definitely rethink my spirit fox team composition again…

As Athilias mentioned- Steathly only applies for spells that allow you to chose a target.

Stealthy will also not activate if the Stealthy troop is the last remaining troop.

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Or if all troops remaining have stealthy