Sylvasi Stealthy Trait bug

I’m on XBox One and I just encountered an instance where Sylvasi was targeted even though I have him traited with the “Stealthy” trait. I thought that I had seen this before but wasn’t 100% certain so thought maybe I was mistaken about what happened, but this time I am positive.

My team was Sylvasi/Jarl Faremantle/Eye of Xathenos/Valkyrie. The opposing team was Knight Coronet/Kerberos/Abhorath/Teraxis. The enemy’s Kerberos cast his spell, which is a targeted spell, and hit my Sylvasi. It’s my understanding that this shouldn’t happen; it’s the whole point of the trait! I understand sometimes getting hit with random spells or a spell designated to a certain position or somerhing, but Kerberos is an attack where you actually choose your target and apparently the AI was able to forego the Stealthy trait and target Sylvasi.

Has anyone else come across this? I did a quick search of the forums but didn’t see anything.

Edit: I just had it happen again. I was playing with the same team, all still alive, and the only enemies left were Chimera and Banshee and Banshee used her attack on Sylvasi.

In that situation your Sylvasi definitely shouldn’t have been targeted.