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Statue bonuses glitched along with level?

A guildmate has been watching the statue bonuses and they have been climbing by one each week. This week they noticed that it went down 2 levels instead of up. Is there a glitch or can someone explain what determines this bonus. Maybe something our guild has done or not done this week compared to others? Thanks.

Luckily I had a screen shot from last week to confirm this.

Last week…



me too. Went up and went down 1 point … in 3 weeks ago

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Are you guys all part of @Roadkill1977 's Guild? He contacted me about this and we’re having a look into it. Just need to know if it’s just 1 guild affected or is there more.

Sorry @Nimhain, sorry that I didn’t include the guild name. Yes, we all are in the same guild.

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Cool, just needed to make sure :slight_smile:

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Those were supposed to rise? Our guild’s have stayed at 131 ever since the update hit. :frowning: We’ve made the full set of tasks every time too…