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If they make Lycanthropy work like it’s supposed to. Like all other transforms work. Then it should be balanced given its 15% chance. Ability not to use the Lycanthropy gems ect.

They have to fix the level shit though. It has to cut the level in half of the troop it transforms otherwise it’s a nightmare.

The real question is when do I/we start bitching to get exploders more Mana/unnerfed due to less Mana on the board in the future.

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Will we be able to target Lycanthropy gems with, say, Apothecary, and thus clear the board of them? Time will tell!

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If it’s a gem, it can die right?
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It’s not a matter of time. They already advertised it in the app store. For whatever reason, we just don’t see it yet. 🤷 Lol

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New mechanics sound interesting. I could be wrong, but I’m imagining that lycanthropy gems would have a chance each turn of changing to another type of gem, rather than transforming troops.

Let’s hope so.

Because that would destroy any sort of strategy and would just let RNG dictate the game constantly.

It would be Doomed Club and Doomed Blade Affixes 24/7. :roll_eyes:

I’m imagining more like Doomed Skulls.

StockenWolfs™ Gems on the board… Match 3,4 or 5 and the first troop has Lycanthropy cast on them.
Or maybe they can be combined with skulls.

My basic (far-fetched) hope at this point is just that “Lycanthropy Gems” don’t have anything to do with the status effect; if I’ve understood the discord posts made by some people familiar with Puzzle Quest, it might be a borrowed mechanic from those games, which don’t sound so bad.

Like, I could get behind “lycanthropy” gems that, when matched, would give any Beast +2 attack or something. That wouldn’t bother me as a mechanic.

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I would hate it. Because you’re taking Mana or skulls off the board for a specific troop type. With PQ3 released basically or fully released later this year, I+2 should be trying to make GoW less like the other IP not more like PQ3. (Or other editions of PQ)

Not necessarily. The green lycanthropy gems could be green mana and +atk to any beasts you happen to have.

So, annoying that people would be extra incentivized to have beasts on their teams, but not annoying from a “it’s now harder to get mana” perspective.

But, like I said: I’m just being overly optimistic with the possibility. Trying desperately to come up with an explanation for myself why this won’t suck (and maybe suck so bad that I leave over it)


This could be a trainwreck…

I’m really hoping these gems don’t transform any troops, because that’s madly OP. Giving Beasts extra stats would be… really weird, unless they make similar gems for other troops. I’m not really a fan.

We’ll see how it goes…


I wonder if anyone here has gotten close to what the devs intend. :thinking:

I could get behind that. But, it shouldn’t be just beast, but could be a boost to any type. The easiest to do I would think is to base it off color and not troop type. So, a green lycanthropy gem could give all green troops +2 attack.

Oh gosh… werewolf stickers on the gems noooooo! :scream:


looks at the partial upcoming troop schedule for Campaign 5

The Werestag

and of course the Campaign mythic Hatir & Skroll that appears to split into separate Doomed-tier units (they don’t appear to have the standard Boss vulnerabilities that Zuul’Goth and E.Kurandara have).

To go “all in” with Lycanthropy, with everyone kicking and screaming along the way?

You know how the lycantrophy status image is a round circle (moon) with a wolf on it? Could work for a gem.

Maybe matching lycantrophy gems would give mana to any beast type troop, no matter their mana colour?

For all this consternation about Lycanthropy gems and how they’ll act… what if they can only be created by these new units, or by other new units with specific powers (spell or trait)? And that you wouldn’t see them at all from any troop currently in the game?

This still wouldn’t prevent devious players from using troops that create Lycanthropy gems as part of their defense teams, particularly if matching them does something sinister like transform troops… but that’s the devil we don’t know right now.

That has been my assumption as well. I don’t think random lycantrophy gems on the board would make any sense, no matter what their function is.

Anyway, I’m kind of nervous about this, but have to admin, also kind of excited to have something that feels really new :slight_smile:

Gems of War has been around for a day or 2 now. We’ve never had a troop or weapon that can create a gem or anything on the board without it existing in other fashions.
Even stone blocks existed in Delves long before any troops could ever make them.

So to dedicate that much time, resource, energy ect soley on some troops and weapons abilities is probably just wishful thinking for those who are in fear of StockenWolf™ Gems existing outside of the troops that can convert them.

It would be a neat mechanic if the lycanthropy gems were used to transform your Hatir & Skroll into a super boss form (Hatir Ascendent or Skroll Reborn).

So you cannot permanently obtain one of those boss troops by crafting, the only way to get them would be to transform Hatir & Skroll via lycanthropy gems in battle.

Unfortunately since lycanthropy is apparently a negative effect this is unlikely to be the case.

You can’t trait troops you don’t have, so I don’t think this is the case. But that would be interesting :slight_smile:

There’s a first time for everything :smiley: I mean, there was a time when we didn’t have stone blocks and they had to come from somewhere. They were “delve only” for a while, now they’re moving out. So lycantrophy gems could be “only generated by transform” for now.

My guess would be they will only be available via transform, or they will be super rare (you’ll see one or two per battle), or they’ll act as wildcards somehow (very unlikely). But unless the board gets bigger, I don’t think it could fit more gem “colours” on it. Hence my thinking.

Wishful? Maybe. But presumably, they’re adding this to get more people to play / pay. Pay for what? Two new boss troops maybe. But all those do is convert some gems, so I guess those gems have to do something useful or nobody will buy shrine offers for chaos orbs, right? Would it make sense for them to just transform enemies? Or allies for that matter? I don’t think anyone would use/buy orbs for that. So surely they will translate to damage, somehow. Hmmm…

I love dreaming about the possibilities :smiley: I’m not expecting much, but it’s fun to dream.

It’s just another spelling issue, they wanted to write Trophy Gems, then auto correct kicked in. Matching these gems grants trophies instead of mana. The devs are acting on the Arena feedback, apparently players liked getting trophies instead of useful rewards. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wild guess: if you match them, a random troop of yours will get Lycanthrophy debuff on it.