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(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]

I’m looking forward to 5.0 and hoping for good news.
I hope this Update makes me see that attractive magic that I saw in Gems years ago.

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Does anyone know why there is a boss killer in the spoiler in (=every) two weeks? :thinking:

Nope. It was spotted earlier. I assume it is a typo on the release date.

We had this some time before when changes were made in the event plan by a following update for Tower of Doom introduction. Event spoiler doesnt know anything about it :man_shrugging:

Spoiler only goes until early july…

IMO, not a typo. Rather, it’s an intentional acceleration to the “end” of the Raid Boss mode. With these godslayers added to the game, Raid Boss mode becomes complete and joins Invasions in retirement. In other words, it looks like the devs are moving to make sure that Raid Boss mode is off the weekly schedule before 5.0 launches.


Maybe the next world event will feature a boss to kill?

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It’s not an acceleration for the last Raid events. Manticore Protector is the 2nd Godslayer from Leonis Empire (we already have Wazir).
Personally, I think that we will have World Event with Bosses (Zuul or Bosses from Dungeon), so we will have Godslayer in the event shop.

Would be the first World Event with a new unit in the store :thinking:

People have been complaining that there wasn’t enough value in the tiers. A new troop that makes battles easier (especially if it somehow combined Godslayer bonuses with medal damage increases) would be enticing for quite a few players.

Well, humm. The last two kingdoms to receive a godslayer are Karakoth and Merlantis, which are two of the three Raid Boss events currently on the schedule pre-5.0. The duplicate Leonis Godslayer is a bit head-scratching though. Good catch.

Unsure if the Leonis second godslayer is a one-off, or something systemic of a new trend.

There are ways, given the datamined tidbits so far in this spolier thread, that I can already put together to “force” players to purchase event medals without the need to make new event troops. Going to keep these thoughts close to the vest for the moment, to avoid accidental invocation of Cthulhu into this thread.

We’ll see.

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Weapons, for one

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That works, but that solution is already in the game. I’m thinking along the lines of new things that could be added in 5.0.

For example, for some lowest-hanging fruit here:

  • The datamine shows evidence of “Campaigns”.
  • Campaigns are long-term events.
  • Long-term events generally have long-term goals.

So speculating a bit,

  • Long-term goals in GoW could be represented as as a variant of the AB system, but probably with a much longer laundry list of tasks to complete over the length of the Campaign. Side note: This task list can be used to compel players to play game modes that they wouldn’t normally play.

  • If the previous premise is true, then the devs could then place a task in the Campaign task list that says “Collect X Medal of Seasons during this Campaign”. Give that task a unique new currency reward that can only be obtained via this Campaign task.

  • Therefore, Medals of Seasons become a proxy currency to a new currency type that will be of very significant value to players post-5.0. (e.g. power-creep needed to clear Delve PF 500s)

  • Consequentially, As the new currency type can only be obtained via exchanging Medals of Seasons (or similar Campaign-only tasks), this compels players to buy out World Event shops to maximize the quantities of this new currency that will be very slowly drip-fed to hungry players (just like the internationally glacial distribution of deeds currently).

“Problem” solved.

Beyond this, I’m staying mum.

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So far, the tasks presented have been more akin to the old daily tasks system which can be done and ticked off the moment the battle is over versus the Adventure Board style which you have to go into specialized battles to get rewards.

There’s a few problems in requiring a Medal of Seasons as a task.

Time gating to require a World Event in a time limited Battle Pass/Elite Pass is unfair. Some people need all the time they can get just to progress through them naturally. Imagine being behind because of work, then getting stuck waiting 3 weeks because Obtain a Medal of Seasons showed up while quick grinders made the cut-off in time and get to progress normally. The goal of a Battle Pass is to keep players actively playing or pay to accelerate if lazy.

Forcing people to pay to progress (even if you can get gems for free, gems are still a premium currency and cost money to many people) on top of paying for an Elite Pass+ is just kinda scummy. Most battles passes that I know only have the one time entry fee.

Ok, let’s go down this rabbit hole a bit further, since you brought the pass concept into the discussion.

I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m proposing. Campaigns would extend over multiple events, possibly for months at a time. Keep in mind, that as time goes on, eventually every week that is not Guild Wars week will become a World Event week.

For the sake of discussion, let’s frame the situation in terms of a current highly desired resource, Imperial Deeds and throw a few assumptions out there.

  • Let’s say that a campaign runs for three months.
  • World Events should run twice a month post 5.0 (Invasions and Raid Boss are “retired”), so there’s six world events per campaign.

Ok, with that out of the way,

Let’s say that there is a Campaign Task that says “Obtain 10 Medals of Seasons During This Campaign”, and the reward is an Imperial Deed. Over six events, that’s 5 Badges of Seasons per World Event. Not a hard ask there for a modest investment that’s not buying to Tier 6 per event.

Would you try for the 10 Seasons of Medals to earn that extra Imperial Deed?

Let’s run with this concept a bit further as you’re heading in the right direction with this.

Let’s keep the premises of the previous fact pattern in play here and add onto it.

  • What if a Battle Pass, which arbitrarily will cost a large number of gems, would offer a doubling of rewards if all tasks in a Campaign are completed in time.

Would you buy this for the potential of yet another Imperial Deed? Would this motivate you to play more to ensure that these extra rewards are achieved?

  • Let’s say the Battle Pass (bought with gems) could be upgraded to an Elite Pass, via a cash micro-transaction. As a VIP benefit, players who purchase an Elite Pass get a bundle that partially completes a number of the tasks on the list. (One could make the argument that the micro-transaction is for the bundle that gives the Elite Pass purchaser a much lighter/easier grind, or a buyout of tasks if time is about to be up).

Would you (or other players) upgrade to an Elite Pass to ensure that the bonus rewards offered by the Battle Pass were obtained?

It’s more akin to a freemium MMO subscription model. Everything can be obtained for free given a combination of sufficient time and effort. Paying customers just get to the “finish line” faster.

Is it scummy to buy deeds/pets from the Daily Deal shop because eventually everyone that plays long enough will earn all of these things for free? Some people don’t want to wait an ice age or two for things to naturally complete for free and are willing to spend to do so. If people are willing to do that, then there’s a market for such transactions.

And if anything in the 4.x era has shown us, is that leaderboards report that there is a very, very viable marketplace for players who are willing to spend to accelerate the grind.

A more apt question to ponder might be “Is there a sufficient number of players in the game playing for free that are willing to pay a MMO-like monthly subscription fee?” From a business perspective, it’s an interesting question that I have to think at least 505 has pondered. That would be an interesting meeting to be fly on the wall.

Well, you’re under the assumption the battle pass would let you choose which task you’re allowed to complete.

Most battle passes that I know of forces a player to focus on one level and if you want to skip past the level, then pay x.

So would “Would you try for the 10 Seasons of Medals to earn that extra Imperial Deed?” work if that’s the only task you’re allowed to do even after paying for an Elite Pass+?

I’d say its a hard no, but hey. different people different standards.

Would anyone pay to accelerate if they can pick and choose which task to do and play around major roadblocks?

That’s why a Battle Pass typically has a free track and a premium track. Everyone has access to X rewards, and if you pay money, it retroactively lets you get Y rewards from the premium tracks too.

Typically Battle Passes don’t have a “pay to double rewards” largely because then you can compare if you think “paying” for “more of those rewards” become worth it or not. They hide the more lucrative exclusive items in the paid track for that reason.

It also doesn’t make sense to double rewards at the end of a Pass either, as they want each tier progressing upwards to entice players to keep going. The whole Fear of Missing Out bs. If extra rewards were only at the end of a track, people with a lack of time are more likely to say, I can’t finish this in time, I’m too far from completing it, I’m not paying.

Its not the same. You have access to deeds and pets through in-game options without paying, even if it is timegated.

You don’t have that luxury for Medal of Seasons. If everyone participating did Tier 0, you wouldn’t get any tokens from shop purchases and you’d get almost nothing reward-wise.

Now tie that into your proposal of getting multiple Medal of Seasons in one campaign. (patch length perhaps?) and you’e in a situation where you’e forcing monetary expenditures on something that typically doesn’t have that.

Yes, those who go for the leaderboards know what they’re getting into.

Having a Battle Pass which is about completing tasks which then at an arbitrary point forces players to pay to progress (versus tempting a skip) is just bad and I hope any of those fail.

New spoiler update today, we’ve got an interesting one.

Two Three Two? new mythics, no release dates.

  • Kuranda is a Striker Mythic from Urskaya.

  • Enraged Kuranda… also a Striker Mythic from Urskaya. Pretty reasonable to assume it’s a troop that transforms after cast into a more powerful version of itself. Surprised that hasn’t been made yet.

  • Lava Spirit Wolf (probably a temporary name) is a Mythic from Broken Spire.

We also have the Illithia faction and its Legendary, Hive Mind.

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How would you guess Spirit of Kuranda fits in? A third form? Change to spawn on death?

It sure would make for an interesting troop, though I’m thinking it’s likely something else.

Illithia will come at last! One of 2 factions I wait for. According to earlier lists, it will belong to Dhrak-Zum. So Dhrak-Zum will rise to power 12 (at least, if there will be no events in it). With Brain Hamster as a faction pet.

At this point, I’m about 70% certain Illithia is releasing before Tinker Town… Illithia being from Dhrak-Zum and Tinker Town being Adana.

Good, I can get that +1 to attack.

Prideland Cosmetic pet in the work, so that’s nice. (to finally hit KP 15). Son of Tau or the faction could still come out first though.

The Kingdom Power race is getting intense.

07/20/2020 Ghulvania Kingdom Power 16

There’s also 2 troops in the works, meaning KP 18 before faction troops.

08/24/2020 Karakoth Kingdom Power 16

There’s 1 other troop in the works, so KP 17 before faction troops.

Whitehelm 18 eventually
Urskaya 17 eventually (assuming regular and enraged Kuranda are two different troops)
Stormheim 19 eventually
Pan’s Vale 17 eventually
Glacial Peak 16

07/13/2020 Maugrim Woods Kingdom Power 14
There’s one other troop in the work + an unreleased faction, meaning it’ll hit up to KP 19 eventually.

Blighted Lands hits 17 when the new faction releases, with one more troop in the works, making KP 18.

I’m actually starting to think they’ll break KP20 by October or something like that.

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I’m 100% sure that Illithia will be released before Tinker Town. Factions releases in order - Fell Roost id is K56 and Illithia id is K57, pretty obvious that it would be next. Devs didn’t break that pattern since the release of factions.