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Just another bad Grosnak mythic, devs surely will make the fourth viable :wink:

I mean he has to go through much hops just to do 60~ single target damage. When Cyclops exists.


Lethal requirement to get summons is a mechanic that is generally too narrow to be a viable part of any strategy. Also, since his boost ratio is based on static elements, hitting that lethal damage mark will get harder and harder. Hes another mythic that will always drop the turn and the traits nonsensically conflict with each other.

One good point about him is he has completely zero conflict with both the thing he summons and the legendary that boosts him to 50% start and is fed by one of the colors he creates. But the synergy ends there because Gar’Nok puts the board in a state that severely weakens the shade, and taking chip damage from Gar’Nok is a pretty poor way to fuel the Shade’s mana trait otherwise. Burning should activate it, like other Orc traits, but unfortunately, its more common to be stunned nowadays than burned. On the one hand, he’s another stealthy (technically) summoner, but requiring his spell to deal lethal damage to do so (and drop the turn) generally limits the summons to usage as “meat shields” to stall for his particularly unimpressive damage (think Euryali, who actually has decent damage and stalling like this can occasionally net a win versus teams that don’t chain well or that you have already broken their synergy) rather than putting you firmly back in the fight (like Arachnean Weaver, who can turn a single well-timed kill under the right conditions into a win).

This troops design seems to be meant to have a “comeback factor”, but he’s missing the main tools that make that kind of thing possible - namely, a way to chain spells, sustain itself in disadvantage state, or turn a single opening while in disadvantage into something that can lead to a victory. I think in order for him to even function like this, he would have to bring his summons in empowered. This would allow him some level of board mod by proxy that synergies back with his boost ratio. Alternatively, he could grant a fixed amount of mana to every Fist of Zorn on your team after his spell is cast (including freshly summoned ones). A better trait for him under this set of cirumstances would be to gain mana when skulls are matched (by any ally). I think that would fill out his kit. Even that would make him an extremely niche setup (since you need allies to dive headfirst with skulls to set it up, or have ally deaths) unless whatever the (eventual, not even planned in spoiler data for the next 6 classes) Orc hero class gets somehow supercharges them to unbelievable levels.


As someone who lacks almost all Mythics and a few must-have Legendaries, should I just skip the next new-Mythic-week and use my keys as I get them? I started stocking up, but Shade seems very lackluster.

This current iteration of Shade looks like definitively low tier material - it wont help you much versus stuff much stronger than you, it wont help you win fast, it has a very defined power cap (far below one-shot lethal range for high-midgame PvP opponents), and no desirable support abilities, and a very constrained set of circumstances where it can use more than a fraction of even the tools that it does have at any given time. Even my proposed changes would have it be relatively niche. It might still get buffed in some other way (eg. base spell damage, trait changes, boost ratio increases, spell cost drop), but the general design rarely changes this close to release. None of those would salvage his design until he gets up to the point where he is either consistently one-shotting in PvP, or consistently passively generates enough mana to follow up with a lethal hit after any exchange he survives, either of which just make him kinda meh, and both combined making him decent but still very susceptible to counterplay.

On the other hand, the odds pulling any a specific legendary are south of 1 in 15,000 for glory keys and 1 in 3800 for gem keys and there are a lot of other lackluster Mythics in the pool (or it could just be a duplicate). However, nothing upcoming currently looks that amazing either yet.

I personally loathe opening chests outside of an exclusive mythic cycle (even my newer accounts stopped doing this once I landed some key troops) and try to build my collection slowly by strategically opening event keys and skip “bad” mythics entirely. But if not having a key legendary is holding you back in some way, I guess it is better to open the keys for at least a chance rather than letting them just sit in your inventory like me while patiently awaiting seeing a specific soulforge or kingdom event.

This mythic is definitely not worth any kind of special effort. If its the only missing troop, sure.

I’d open them right away. If you manage to pull a mythic it’s unlikely to be a duplicate and very likely to be more useful than the new one. You’ll probably also get a few missing troops and be able to ascend some others, helping you with your kingdom power.


Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:.

It looks like luck was on my side today. I finally got Gorgotha from one of the gem keys I was holding onto.


The following gif is for adults only. Please do not click on the GIF unless you’re an adult… Who can take a joke. :grinning:



Vash’Dagon was already postponed once already and scheduled for release in June 2019.
Why is there a different Mythic troop now, and the one that’s very bad or lackluster, much like the Gargantaur?

Once? It’s the third or fourth time, I lost count by now.

Vash’Dagon would unlock +1 magic for those players who own Zuul’Goth. Since Zuul’Goth was just supposed to be a shiny paperweight this is probably considered a potential source of unhappiness. I suspect we’ll see further delays until Karakoth has other ways to reach power level 10.


Zuul’Goth is an exclusive troop that’s only owned by a few players.
I think that such concerns, if they exist, are not really an issue.

Really! M not happy Now and I am going to tell my guild :pleading_face:

Nah, just treat it as conspiracy theory. There’s some chance it might be correct, there are likely other perfectly reasonable explanations for the repeated delays. Sometimes I wish we could return to the old days, where the devs actually talked with the community about what they were doing with the game.

M aware anything can change I was being bit sarcastic. So the devs can do something about before it’s too late. Tbh the discussion in guild even in global is to avoid this troop. But Only time will tell :wink:

Can we start talking about the upcoming Legendary starflower and what are your thoughts :thinking:

she seems cool. looks like she will pair well with luna, who i really like. so im excited. i’d like to try her out on a hero, luna,starflower, tinseltail team. lots of damage-all/heal-all kind of stuff.

I really enjoyed making a Starflower team, I think she’s good fun! I like her with Titania.

I totally forgot about Titania. yeah she would work well with Titania! maybe hero, starflower, titania and tinseltail. not necessarily in that order.

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Her spell says use it with Fey.
Her typing says Wildfolk.

Using her with King Silenus for half-mana start drops her damage. Using her with Luna drops her damage.

You pair her with Fey like Queen Titania and Suna and her 3rd trait seems rather pointless at that point…

I don’t know, she seems fine with new players who can just toss 3 random Feys for boost ratio damage (or Frostmage hero), but other than that… eh…