(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


@EnsignGarak for the people who watched last stream, it’s not something new, we already knew it

But i agree it’s a fantastic news and wonder why it took so long to introduce.
I been asking this feature since hero class been introduce. It will be interesting to test it during gw. Also will be nice to finally be able to test new team without messing with our pvp defense


no news on 4.2.5 release timeline??? next week during guild wars or the week after?


Probably soon TM like always


Android and xbox pets are ugly.

Android look like a penis and xbox like the balls


They should take their time with 4.2.5. Im sure there’s going to be new bugs I don’t want to see.


Patch is usually live within 10 days after preview stream (4.2.5 preview stream is tomorrow). There is no way to know the exact date tho


What you all need to remember is that not everyone goes on these forums, nor checks the spoiler thread. To a large majority of our playerbase, the gem fee to change hero classes, and implementation of the ability to attach hero classes to teams, is completely new!


The next patch its gonna be beta tested?


Salty said that 4.2.5 will not be beta tested.

There’s a shot that it may deploy tomorrow before the GW week starts, else it probably won’t land until next week.

4.3/5.0/(whatever the next major quarterly patch is numbered) should be a strong candidate for beta testing, as Salty was talking up recruitment for additional Beta Babes ahead of the quarterly update on the last stream.


I dare say we will beta test the update after 4.2.5. I’m pushing for it!


That makes me think intriguing things about update.next.


Go on…

Personally, I believe a lot of stars are going to align on the next quarterly update. If so, there will be interesting times for sure.

EDIT: When did the forum software start automatically removing quotations from replies? (In regard to quoting the one line of text from Slyp’s post)



I’ll ask again because I still do not understand (I asked before, but let’s go again). It looks like we’ll have 5 exclusive Pets (for Steam, Android, IOS, X-Box One and PS4).

I play with an account on Steam and with the same linked account on an Android tablet. Can I redeem the Steam Pet when playing with the account on the PC and Android Pet when playing with the same account on the Tablet/Android? In that case, will I have both pets (one rescued on Steam and the other rescued on Android by the same account)?


I am 99% sure I am correct on this answer but of course it is not official.

Steam, Android, and IOS use the same backend servers / Databases so this means there is no difference if you play on three PC’s or you play on one of each Steam & Android & IOS.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Back to the bad old days when PC had more troops than us I guess :frowning_face:


Actually, he’s 99,9999% sure.


Hi Spoiler fans, we just had an update to our spoiler website at https://www.taransworld.com/

Troops page: 225 modifications (51 new troops)

Weapons page: 17 modifications

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Transform Green to Skulls. Give [Magic + 1] Life to the first Ally.

changed to

Convert Green Gems to Skulls. Give [Magic + 1] Life to the first Ally.

(every other new troop with transform is now using the term convert)

Part of me hopes this is their attempt to clean up terminology, but we went from the overly common “transform gems” to “convert gems” which only has 3 troops with that type of wording. To me, it seems easier to change Asha, Villager, and Werewolf to use the word Transform, but I’m not a game dev :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe they want to keep “Transform” only for transforming troops into other troops, and call every board mod “convert”


Thanks for the update, Taran!
Now, for the interesting spoiler…

More Factions incoming from this nav037's list!

Crypt Keepers / Sea of Sorrow / Primal Rift
Fire Rift / Tinker Town / Duergaroth
Eldrazhor / Wild Court / Dark Pits
Fang Moor / Emperinazar / The Warrens
Amanithrax / Indrajit’s Den / Dark Court
Ice Rift / Hell Gate / Dripping Caverns
The Labyrinth / The Deep Hive / Fell Roost Mirrorred Halls / City of Thieves / Wyrmrun
The Black Heart / Silver Necropolis
Stonesong Eyrie / Werewoods / Sunken Fleet?
Lyrasza’s Lair/ Illithia / Depths of Sin

After Silver Necropolis, we will have

  • Amanithrax (no idea what it mean…)
  • City of Thieves (Leonis Empire’s ?)
  • Stonesong Eyrie (Bird nest, so Suncrest’s?)

Note : There is 4 troops with no kingdom scattering around, which is…

Drowned Sailor / Crab man / Water Elemental /
The Maraji Queen.

I think this might be the return of Sunken Fleet, possible Blackhawk Faction, dued to its ocean theme and close location to Sin of Maraj.

Now, for the Overworld…

  • Invasion Easter Tower, possibly in April!
    We seems to get new Towers every 2 months, I thought the next one will be Valentine Tower. Oh well…
  • Return of Dhrak-Zum’s Cursed Treasure.
    I remembered reading about it a few months ago. Wondering what it will be this time…
  • Saltypetra herself have come to Krystara :
    Blackhawk’s Salty Wench!
  • @Razzagor have also join the game :
    Wild Plain’s Bone Gnoll! Spooky…
  • We finally got Phoenix!
    But instead of Suncrest’s troop, it’s Glacial Peaks’, as the ice version. What?
  • Forest of Thorns’ Yggdrasil.
    I really like its real-life lore. :grin: