(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


Isn’t Draugr the Nyx and Necrocorn the gem creator? (you posted the screenshot above)



You’re right. Silly me… Fixed the original post. Thanks for the correction!


thanks, mutually. I answer now because we have Christmas celebrated tonight


I am missing the legendary for the next week!? :thinking:


Is there a legendary troop coming next week ?


it seems devs are slowing down, its not a bad thing.


I hope not, legendaries were allready slowed down since GW is only every fourth week and a single Zaejin Troop more would push it to 10 stars.


I mean troop quality :sweat_smile:


A few changes on the troop spoiler page…


its just the ones from Jan 3rd?


All 10 items in that list have changed from previous spoilers.


Sorry bud, not sure I’ve caught on. What’s different between your screenshot and the one TK had?


It’s the same one, TheIdleOne. I think Taran mean 10 new changes since the last update (Dec 28th).
He just didn’t see my screenshot, that’s all.


Nothing new to share so they post old news :slight_smile:


Not even the tease present in the “Top Secret” team? :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw the top secret team composition and yes there is a spoiler, there is a new mythic gnome


I saw that we will have differentiated Pets on the platforms and I had a question. If I play with my Steam account on my PC and have the same account on an Android tablet, could I get the two Pets, Steam and Android, by plugging into their device?


Pretty sure steam and mobile share the same pet


There are different ones for both. Now we just need iOS and PS4 pets. :grin:


Correct me if I am wrong – Classes can be set per team, and Gem cost removed – Isn’t that new news?

Having heard all of the folks complain about the Gem cost for changing classes, I would think that would be exciting news for some. Thanks. -EG