(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]




Happy Holidays!!! :slight_smile:


Making green&yellow teams for the Warrens faction, tried this since I’ve never played an imp:

green seer / diviner / summer imp / tp king B:suncrest ylw grn -blu

TPK keeps the loop going but as expected it’s so slow it’d be useless for delves. Did learn something: Diviner doesn’t die from too many 4-5 matches, instead she stays at 1 health.


Lovely skulls!


Hello guys. I know that’s not the purpose of this topic, but today I’m just going to wish Merry Christmas to all of you, @Saltypatra , @Cyrup, @Razzagor, @nav037 and everyone who answered my questions and who are always here.
Today is that special day for me, it’s Christmas Eve and it’s also my birthday, a day to remember who is important. So I’m here with the girlfriend and, by fate’s irony, finishing writing the last chapter of a book!
But I have not forgotten you or Gems, which I love.
A MERRY CHRISTMAS full of sweets and the company of special people around you all.


Merry christmas for you and your girl, and congrats on your birthday! Also, don’t fall into that talk of one big present instead of two, that’s unfair! :skull:


Thank you. The story of the great gift for two happens every year, impossible to escape from this fate. :joy_cat: :scream_cat:
And fate has conspired against me, I did not get the Holy St. Astra, the High King Irongut, nor the Tinseltail. I hope my luck changes after the new year. :sob:


More spoiler changes last night…

Troop changes:

Class changes:

Kingdom changes:

Pet changes:


  • X-Ball
    Xbox Exclusive Pet

  • Steam Puppy
    Steam Exclusive Pet

@Saltypatra, like the players on the steam will not be able to get the x-ball?




I don’t think the idea of ‘exclusive’ pets is going to go over very well with the OCD crowd… which I think is the majority of players :stuck_out_tongue:


If they don’t know it exists, they shouldn’t care?


Silver Necropolis…

It has no real answer if the enemy has immune to death mark/impervious. Watch it be a 5 room faction…


i still freak out that i cant get the exclusive console armors :"(


Oh no, a thing that doesn’t do anything. I am so worried. /s


Who cares if these exclusive pets don’t show up as unowned?
Also PlayStation won’t get one for their own?


I agree. Somehow they make it even worse than The Warrens.

Middle room(s) are quite bad. Waiting for Deathmark to trigger for them is so unreliable, not counting lots of troops that will be immune to it.

Starting/Boss rooms is so terrible. Bone Golem is reduced to a skull-attacker. Draugr, The Nyx-clone and Necrocorn can’t do spell damage and will just mostly hand the board to enemies. Leaving only Luna-like Legendary as the only AoE damaging spell to depended on.

Deathmark+Bless identity is also quite wierd combo. Only cool lore-wise, as they clashed with each other a lot in actual gameplay. I hope some improvement will be make before it’s available.


Called it. :rofl:

Just think, there’s 28 more factions to go after this next one.

How bad could it really get? :thinking:


At least the legendary troop also summons something, but so far this faction boils down to a very poor control strategy where you wait to kill stuff with Deathmark if possible…


I’ll let the team know that having the exclusive pets not come up in unowned is a good idea. Thanks everyone!

UPDATE: With the way things currently are, we can’t implement this. But we are looking into possible solutions, and seeing if this is something we can either bring to the game, or find another way to work around.


That’s the good part, but as most troops are nothing but meat bags, we will have to hope it can summon itself.

Summoning Bone Golem might be comparable to summoning Treant in Primal Rift. Could be useful, but it won’t be as fast as there with no skull-creators.

I think the reliable team would be Bone Golem/Vanya Soulmourn/Vanya Soulmourn/NecrocornDraugr. Casting AoE is the main damage, with Bone Golem as skull spammer and self-heal tank. NecrocornDraugr is just there to drain their Vanya, so they will unable to do any spell damage. Could work as far as Level 200, I think.