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We are getting the Goblin Mythic Friday :smiley:


So we’ll have the High King Irongut and not Phenicia this Friday?


Yes we’ll get Fatty Mcgreenfat Noneck Goblinton III.


The King who is “HIGH” than the original King? High King? kkkkkk I liked it better when he was Goblin God. I imagined him as a deity the Goblin could worship.

Now he just seems like a cook to make pair with the Queen. :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


Best. Post. Ever. :hugs:

Now, I’m actually looking forward to this Friday’s Mythic release. :blush:

Bye, FeliPhoenicia!? :grin:


At least, not being called “Goblin God” avoids it to be Goblin/Divine…


Don’t worry Phoenicia will rise from the ashes to appear again.


Woooww…first they trace Arctic Fox and now this? I hate to say anybody should be fired, but this sort of thing is inexcusable. Please get it together artists.


I have to be honest, although I adore Gems of War, some things have been disappointing me lately.

First the mythical of Dhrak-Zum, a subterranean kingdom with zombie dwarves and ghosts was a “Fallen Angel” that simply seemed to have nothing to do with the other main creatures of the kingdom.

The mythical of Suncrest, who I hoped to be a powerful Stryx, following the molds of Garuda and Taloca, is actually another humanoid creature, which has nothing to do with the main race in the kingdom too.

And then, the mythical Goblin, who would be a Goblin God, with the wave of massacres caused by Divine troops in the game, was demoted to just one more Goblin, being a “second king” in the kingdom of Zaejin.

If the game has many great Divine and optimal combinations with them, that is no reason to spoil the idea of ​​a creature that could have been so well planned. The mythical Goblin as a Goblin God seemed to be a creature worshiped by them, even by the King and the Queen, but became another “king” … We have a legendary king and a mythical king in the kingdom, it just seems pure to me lack of creativity.

Of course I, like many, will not stop playing for it. And I find the “High King” very efficient in his abilities. However, just thinking about the skills and putting aside the creative part ends up frustrating me a lot.

Even because Zaejin is my favorite kingdom in Krystara and at the beginning, long before we had teams of dragons poweful or even the Queen and Princess to cause great damage, I used them already.

I know it will not happen, but I would very much like the “High King” to win a second class, at least “mysthic”, so as not to be just another Goblin in the kingdom.


Maybe Goblins just do not have the word “God” in their language?


It should be called Godlin. And I thought its mythic trait was going to be “Gain an extra turn when matching 3 or more gems.” :laughing:


Even if it were, they would have something similar. And it would make more sense than to appear a new King a thousand years later being that the old King is still there. I would not say that creativity has dropped, certainly they intended to do it Goblin / Divine, but they changed their minds with the rise of the Divine in the game.
However, reducing it only to the common class of the kingdom was sad, if they needed to change it, they could have thought of something more capriciously.


It would be a bit exaggerated. :joy_cat:
I never expected anything like that, but I did not expect him to be another cook-faced King. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t know why folk have a problem with a High King over other lesser kings. A High King is a concept found in many feudal societies in history.



Get in the pot!!!


Not unless he’s attacked by vegans first and entangled.


I dont think he likes the taste of my Anus knight.


Go on high king, try to devour Xathneos, King Highforge, King Silenus or even Zuul’goth. Would LOVE to see that(!)



On the awaited Udate 4.2, is there any news that will bring changes or improvements in the communication system within the guilds? I mean we can leave messages for other members or send e-mail between members of the same guild.

Since we have worked as a group in the guilds, we are like family, but the lack of a system to communicate with members who are offline forces us to look for external environments such as Discord, Whatsapp and others.

I look forward to the day when I can leave a message for a member of my guild while he is offline and he can receive it when he connects in game.