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I call shenanigans. Or I am joke-blind. Or colorblind.

Edit: you were talking about the pet, not the seizure-inducing gif posted above. I spent far too long staring at the latter waiting for a cat-like pattern to show up.


Yes I am talking about the pet. I am so sorry for your poor eyes!


Now i’m wondering… Was the cat in a giant’s nostrils and when it sneezed the snotball fell inside a witch’s cauldron and the strange concotion is now alive, just like the cat also seems to be? :thinking:


Oh my god, I thought Salty was joking…

Poor kitty indeed… T^T

Razzagor, I think the reason it is a green glob is to tied it to Green Slime, Karakoth’s Epic troop, so it continues the theme of pets being a baby version of some troop cards.

Also, I hope that Arctic Fox is in there instead, so it will be like a rejected artwork that get eaten. :rofl:


HUE HUE HUE. I wasn’t! We all love this pet so much at the office.


I’ll have to check your brazilian credentials to make sure you were properly indoctrinated in our culture to use our trademarked internet laugh… :brazil:

Not even a Sewer Slime would try to eat that, they have standards TimeKnight… :laughing:

Here Asha, a silly “spooktober kitty” to ease your pain:


Ok, that kitty does look spooky. :sweat_smile:



new guild event

Climb the Floors of the Tower of Doom, each more difficult than the last.
Each battle costs Sigils. Some Sigils are given each day, with more available from Valravens.
Your troops are restricted to the color of the Tower.

Each Floor is blocked by a Doom Troop!
Find an Unlock Scroll hidden in another room to challenge the Doom.
The more Dooms defeated by your Guild, the more rewards you all receive.
The Ultimate Doom awaits on the 25th floor.

Each Room rewards a Scroll. Some Scrolls give Boons to help your guildmates.
Each Doom you defeat will give a Forge Scroll to upgrade the Doomed Weapon.

The top 100 Guilds on the Leaderboard will receive bonus loot and Scrolls!

Defeat the Doom on this Floor to increase your Guild’s score and climb to the next Floor.
Each Room will give you a Random Scroll! Find the Unlock scroll to unlock this Floor’s Doom.
Find Boon Scrolls to help you and your Guild climb through the Tower.
Fireball Scrolls will instantly defeat a Room on this Floor.
Find Heroism Scrolls to instantly defeat a Doom and climb to the next Floor.

Defeat the Doom to claim this Forge Scroll and climb the Tower. Use it to power up this Tower’s Doomed Weapon! (Available in the Soulforge or Tower of Doom Shop)

Craft or purchase the latest Doomed Weapon to help you fight


Guild-based gem sink for every fourth week? Craft or purchase something (I hear gems ringing as they leave my stash) to get a weapon that will only be useful for this week’s event?


Nothing new, we already have Invades and Raids for ‘guild-based gem sinks’. Now its 3/4 instead of 2/3. I imagine once we adjust we will end up only doing the equivalent of tier 2-3 or something, as before. Except the fanatics who do tier 7+++ and hit 500. :stuck_out_tongue:


This smacks of minimizing/eliminating Guild Wars. Tower of Doom combines the unique restriction of Guild Wars (color-based days) with, one assumes, the new shopfront of the Raid/Invasion system. Unlike Guild Wars, though, it sounds like new players cannot use an off-color team for reduced rewards. So they will be less able to participate than their more established companions.

Combined with the persistent bugs that have been a thorn in GW’s side since release, I feel like that game mode is going the way of the dodo.


Is the Tower of Doom an assumption or is this official?

At this rate we may have to purchase sigils to even play guild wars then.

Tier 5 to reach paragon…


With all it’s imperfections, I still think the Guild Wars are the best thing in the game. I’ll be sad to see it reduced to once every four weeks. :frowning:


Sick of sigil based gameplay. Come on now. Where’s the creativity?


Do we know the final schedule right now?

Why not a guild event only half a week, on the weekend, different rotation…


I’m glad we get more info about this now! Thanks, nav037 and turintuor!

So, it’s a Guild’s week-long Delve-based mode, but going up instead of down, with some Raid/Invasion flavor? Should be interesting, if we do get higher score at higher floors…

So Scroll can mean 2 thing now, items in this mode and Underworld Faction’s daily Delve sigils. Such a confusing term…

As for the gem requirement, it’s a new week-long event, so it makes all Raid/Invasion/GW less frequent as well. As Tuesday’s Faction Events turned out to be zero gem-sink, I should be okay with this new increasing gem-required economy, if I’m careful enough with my spending.

Also, can I use Siegebreaker to destroy Tower of Doom itself? That way, I could beat this mode without taking the time to climb each floors. :sweat_smile:


I’m just wondering if a new “DoomKiller” type troop will be introduced in this new game mode along with the GodSlayer and SiegeBreaker troops. Please don’t!


Pretty please with sugar on top, won’t you Devs, pleeeeeease.


I agree, being careful with our resources is now a safe strategy. Might be best to use free sigils up until Wednesday, then invest some gems in the new mode as you see your guild progress. I think the free sigils will be much more valuable to guilds – it might mean events don’t always get finished until Saturday or Sunday, but in the name of saving gems the free sigils should be an important part of a healthy savings plan.

And crafting the weekly weapon might be better as well, for people trying to save gems.

I do my daily tasks, collect tribute as often as I can, open gold keys for gems, do maps sometimes, and I make sure to finish each weekly stone event, even the explore and map ones. It would be nice if they added a way for more gems to enter the game though, because saving methods aside, it definitely is hard to keep gems in abundance unless we are very, very careful with how we spend them.

Oh gosh, yep, I can see this being inevitable… It would be okay so long as we can use the troops in each event, like in bounty, but I think that’s probably unlikely.